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Meet Tommy Tinker’s Amazing Group of Friends

TOMMYTINKER feb 20 2019 feature photo

Hello friends. Thank you for coming to visit me in The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m so glad that you could be here to spend time with me. You’ve joined me on some amazing adventures lately and I’m so grateful for that. However, this week I want to reintroduce you to some of my friends. My life in Fairy Land wouldn’t be the same without them.

If you’d like to relive one of our recent adventures, you will enjoy this video about magical places to read.


Tommy Redbubble
1. Tommy & Susan Apron
Tommy And Susan -Their Mushroom House™ Apron
2. Susan Socks
Susan Tommy Tinker's Adorable Niece™ Socks
3. Tommy Tinker Stickers
Tommy Tinker-The Tinker Fairy™ Sticker
4. Tommy Tinker Throw Pillow
Tommy Tinker In The Tinker Village™ Throw Pillow

Tommy & Susan Apron

My niece Susan is a great help to me and a wonderful fairy friend to our community. She loves to travel, and I recently took her on a trip to Ireland with me. You can learn more about that in Teelie Turner’s magical book Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland. Learn more here. You can also find a nice picture of me and Susan on our collection of merchandise including an apron which is available on Redbubble.

Susan Socks

Susan is also apprenticing to be a seamstress. She is doing well under Courtney the Fairy Seamstress’s tutelage. She loves to try on all sorts of different outfits and our friends at Redbubble created several pieces of clothing with her image on them including the socks pictured above.

Tommy Tinker Stickers

You can also find several pieces of merchandise with my picture on them including various stickers. The various collections on Redbubble can help you take home a tiny piece of Fairy Land. Learn more on Redbubble.

Tommy Tinker Throw Pillow

You can find me exploring the village in the Tommy Tinker In The Tinker Village Redbubble collection. One of the items available is the throw pillow pictured above. It is available with or without the insert. Consider getting one insert and changing it out for the seasons with a different cover.

Tommy Redbubble
1. Bubba Phone Cases
Bubba The Head Candy Taster Fairy™ Case & Skin for Samsung Galaxy
2. Ruby’s Greeting Cards
Ruby the Ribbon Fairy With Her Gifts™ Greeting Card
3. Queen Olivia’s Notebook
Queen Olivia The Fairy Queen™ Spiral Notebook
4. King Henry and Queen Olivia Outside the Palace
King Henry And Queen Olivia Of The Fairy Kingdom™ Sleeveless Top

Bubba Phone Cases

My friend Bubba is great at listening. He works as the Head Candy Taster at the Fairy Candy Factory. You can learn more about that in the Teelie Turner book Teelie Turner and the Lost Candy Factory here. Bubba is also a talented baker and creates amazing masterpieces. You can find Bubba’s collection of merchandise on Redbubble. Bubba’s merchandise includes phone cases. We have pictured one above but other models for Samsung and iPhone are also available.

Ruby’s Greeting Cards

My friend Ruby is the Ribbon Fairy. She’s amazing when it comes to making candy packages and parcels look stunning. Included in her magical Redbubble collection are greeting cards and a number of other stunning articles.

Queen Olivia’s Notebook

Queen Olivia is one of the rulers of the Fairy Kingdom and she is wise and talented. She loves flowers, nature, and planning numerous feel-good parties and galas. You can find Queen Olivia’s image on many items including the spiral notebook pictured above. Learn more on Redbubble.

King Henry and Queen Olivia Outside the Palace

Queen Olivia is married to King Henry and the fairy photographer asked to take a picture of them outside the palace. They obliged and that photo is available on numerous items including sleeveless tops that are perfect for summer. Black and green shirts can be found in numerous sizes. Find them on Redbubble.

 Thank you for coming to visit the Tommy Tinker Store. Thank you for being with me and my friends. Please come back soon and discover the magic we have to offer.

Also, have you heard about our instant fairy gardens? They’re stunning. You can learn more in this video featuring Iaada the International Fairy.


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Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Hello fairy lover! Thank you for stopping by to read our fairy blog post about Tommy Tinker's magical fairy friends. Please stop by often as there is always adventure to write about in the Fairy Kingdom. Fairy hugs, Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

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Follow along in the adventures of Tommy Tinker in the Fairy Kingdom, where each day is one to explore and discover new things. Together with his friends, Ruby and Bubba, in service of their King Henry and Queen Olivia, this band of magical fairies are determined to keep the peace and prosperity of their kingdom, with the help of their magical powers.


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