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Meet the Guardian Dragon of the Royal Treasures and other dragons!

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Today we meet another wonderful magical creature in Tommy Tinker’s world: the Guardian Dragon of the Royal Treasures. The King and Queen have a considerable trove of the most magical fairy treasures and a wealth beyond imagining. This has been made through the many marvels and gifts that fairies have gathered through centuries of long life. Among the royal treasures are some of the most precious items and artifacts in the fairy world. They need round-the-clock protection; and who better to protect a hoard of marvelous treasures than a fine guardian dragon?

Dragons like this one are plentiful around the fairy world. They work closely with the fairies in a variety of magical matters. Guarding royal treasures is just one of the things the dragons do. Let’s meet this guardian dragon as well as other dragons in the kingdom.

1. The Royal Guardian Dragon

This green dragon may seem young and sweet, but he’s one of the long line of guardian dragons that have been protecting precious treasures around the fairy world. This one is doing his best to look after some of the most wonderful treasures in the kingdom: the royal crown and scepter, a very special book, magical gemstones, and even some enchanted, rare mushrooms. He makes sure to keep everything safe under his protection. Meet him at Etsy.

2. The Companion Guardian Frogs

It gets a little bit lonely and boring being on one’s own, keeping an eye on these royal treasures. So this dragon has the company of a couple of magical fairy frogs. They act as little “alarm” bells, as the frogs can be very sensitive to vibrations and movements. They will croak out a noisy alert to let the little dragon know if someone is coming too close. In the meantime, the frogs will keep the dragon company during his watch. Meet them at Etsy.

3. The Royal Crown and Scepter

The dragon is guarding the precious crown and scepter of the Fairy King and Queen. These are their symbols of rule and bear the weight of their titles. They are more special than the usual tiaras they wear as these have special magic and are only meant to be worn on special occasions and royal balls. The scepter in itself is topped with a very enchanted crystal. See it with the set at Etsy.

4. The King and Queen’s Book

There is a beautiful leather-bound blue book emblazoned with gold letters among the treasures that the dragon was guarding. Inside is a book that the King and Queen of the Fairy Kingdom write in themselves. It is a book about their lives, their rule, and their kingdom. In a way, it is a wonderful book all about the world of fairies and everything they have experienced in their rule. See it at Etsy.

5. The Key to the Treasury

The other item that the dragon is guarding is something very precious indeed: it’s the key to the royal treasury. Immense wealth is unlocked with this precious key, and it can only ever be taken by either the King or the Queen. The dragon needs to keep a close eye on this key, as it opens the doors to the treasures of the fairy world. See it with the set at Etsy.

There are more dragons to meet around the fairy world! Here are some of them.

1. The Bookworm Dragon

They say that books are the greatest treasure. That certainly seems to be the case for this one bookworm, who is leaning against a stump and avidly reading some magical books. Dragons like him are usually guardians of royal books and libraries, and they’re very fond of reading and learning from the same books that they look after. Meet him at Etsy.

2. Dragon of the Crystal Nest

This dragon is looking after a beautiful sapphire geode filled with sparkling crystals. Fairy crystals are carefully and painstakingly mined to preserve their magical properties. Uncovering a geode like this is quite special, and it’s imperative that a guardian dragon be assigned to it to look after it to keep its magic safe before the crystals are harvested. Meet the dragon at Amazon.

3. Amethyst Geode Dragon

Like the sapphire dragon, this dragon is caring for an amethyst geode. Lovely purple crystals are crusted all into the rock, ready to be gathered by fairy crystal gatherers. Once the crystals have been distributed to the wizards and spell-casters, the rest of them will go into the royal treasury to be protected by the guardian dragon along with the rest of the treasures. Meet the dragon at Etsy.

4. The Little Scaredy-Dragon

Dragons don’t automatically become the big, brave protectors we know them as. Sometimes, when they’re little, like this little red dragon, things still seem pretty scary. Especially when there are much larger things that can squish you. This poor little guy has clambered up a mop he was using to sweep the treasury floor, having been spooky by a noise. He’ll get the hang of protecting soon! Meet the dragon at Amazon.

5. The Sleepy Dragon

And after a long shift of protecting the treasures, learning about the world, and doing a lot of growing up, little dragons need to go to bed. This little red dragon has picked up his favorite teddy bear and his sleeping cap, and is off to his nest. He’ll curl up under his mother’s wings and go to bed, dreaming of being as strong as the Guardian Dragon, protecting the royal treasures. Meet him at Etsy.

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