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Meet Reesie the Glittery Rainbow Unicorn and other Fairy Horses in the Fairy Kingdom

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Tommy Tinker has made plenty of friends in all his adventures, and one of them is Reesie, the Glittery Rainbow Unicorn. Among the most magical creatures in the Fairy Kingdom is beautiful Reesie, one of the grand and noble fairy horses that can be found throughout the fairy world. Magical fairy horses are a common sight in many fairy tales and fairy stories. Often, like Reesie the Rainbow Unicorn, they have many unique qualities. They may look very much like the regular horses we know and love, but these noble steeds are the stuff of myth and stories. They’re also some of the fairies’ favorite friends and companions.

Meet some of different types of Unicorns and fairy horses to be found in the kingdom.

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1. Reesie, the Glittery Rainbow Unicorn

Among all the magical fairy horses in the kingdom, the Unicorn is the most famous. They are incredibly full of magic, and every aspect of them glows. Reesie is particularly special, not just because she glitters and features a mane that sparkles in a myriad of rainbow colors. Reesie is also Tommy Tinker’s friend, and she is always very excited to be a part of his next adventure, wherever that may take the both of them. Meet Reesie in Etsy.

2. Baby Rainbow Unicorn

Unicorns are so rare and so unbelievably magical that they’re very carefully protected. Of course the fairies make sure to protect all fairy horses, but the uniqueness of Unicorns (with their horns replete with magical uses, their manes full of wonder, their incredible speed, and so much more) have urged them to make sure that they’re safe even as foals. You might spot a baby rainbow unicorn like this one, trotting merrily around the royal stables, safe and protected. See one of the calves in Etsy!

3. Rainbow Wing Pegasus

Of course, Unicorns aren’t the only fairy horses in the kingdom that have versions colored in rainbows. The illustrious winged horses, with their incredible strength and magic that makes them the steed of choice for fairy heroes everywhere, also come in rainbow colors. This Pegasus’ beautiful powerful wings fan out with features in shimmering rainbow, casting a breathtaking glow into the sky whenever they fly overhead. See it in Etsy.

4. White Winged Pegasus

The winged horse, also known as the Pegasus, is usually bright white. These beautiful winged fairy horses pull royal carriages and bear warriors and heroes on their backs. They are incredibly strong and brave, protective and willing to go into battle. They are very swift, soaring through the clouds and sunbeams. If you are looking for a grand, magical fairy horse to help protect and defend your garden, the Pegasus is a good choice. See one at Etsy.

5. The Fairy and the Winged Unicorn

Unicorns and other fairy horses are commonly ridden by fairies who wish to rest their wings for a bit. Unicorns can be incredibly fast, and their magic amplifies that of any fairy riding them. It’s not unusual to spot a pretty fairy like this one getting a ride from a winged unicorn. Fairies take extra special care of these magical horses, after all. Many royal fairies tend to ride them, but even regular fairies who have made friends will be able to catch a ride now and again. See this pair at Etsy.

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6. The Bonnie Blue Fairy and her Unicorn

In very special instances, when fairy horses or unicorns like this one has made special friends with a fairy, perhaps one that has raised it since it was a foal, they may end up looking quite alike one another. This blue fairy is riding a beautiful blue unicorn, and there’s a distinct similarity between the two of them, showing that their magic has grown together and entwined with one another. See this pair at Etsy.

7. Forest Fawn Unicorn

The natural habitat of unicorns is deep in the most magical of forests, the same as many other fairy horses. However, unicorns don’t all look the same. As mentioned before, sometimes they take on the appearance that best suits where they live or who they live with. This unicorn is incredibly unique. Like a forest spirit, this unicorn appears to look like a dappled fawn, blending seamlessly into the forest. It’s a guardian of the trees and shrubs, of the grass and the hillsides. See this unicorn at Etsy.

8. Sweet Fairy’s Friendship with Her Horse

Still, many fairy horses simply look like normal horses, with unique features. They’re just as magical as any unicorn or Pegasus, and just as loving to their fairy friends. These wonderful horses help fairies out in their everyday lives, and offer the warmth of their friendship in return. The fairies care for them like family members, ensuring that they’re safe and well fed. It’s a beautiful symbol of friendship to see a fairy and her horse in the garden. See them at Etsy.

9. Rose Vine Horse

Magical fairy horses come in different varieties. This rose vine fairy horse has flowers blooming off her mane and her tail, making her look so charming and elegant. Light on her feet, brightly colored with her flowers, and with a sweet disposition, she seems to be the type of fairy horse that could be presented to a fairy princess. She will look so lovely heading a royal parade, especially on special occasions. Meet the horse at Etsy.

10. The Blue Jewel

All fairy horses are treasures. Some perhaps more than others. This Blue Roan fairy horse is one such unique jewel: colored deep blue and with iridescent flecks all over his coat, he looks like a walking opal. Like a living gemstone, he’s a fairy horse fit for the most noble of fairies. We can only imagine how magical he must be, how his coat will shine under the stars and what kind of aurora his fairy magic will cast. See the horse at Etsy.


There are enough fairy horses for a stable full of magic. There are different kinds of them, from the unicorns to the winged horses, to forest steeds to bay breeds, but all of them are special, magical, and loved by fairies all over the world.



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