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Meet Lucy the Lavender Dragon and other Dragons Around the Fairy Kingdom

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Dragons are some of the most magical creatures in the entire Fairy Kingdom and beyond. They have been a part of myth, legend, and fairytales. Dragons can be found all over the world. Virtually every culture has a specie of dragon. As they’re magical creatures that are so replete in magical properties, from their skin to their bones, it’s not a surprise that they’re well known to the fairies as well. While dragons can be found all around the Fairy Kingdom, this particular dragon happens to be a good friend of Bubba the Jolly Head Candy Taster.

tt Apr 16 2019 lucy

Lucy the Lavender Dragon is tiny, playful, and lovely as a companion dragon for fairies. Lucy is quite excited to see Bubba, as he’d promised to read to her today. Bubba is quite busy, though: it’s almost Easter and he has a lot to do. So in the meantime, Lucy is keeping herself busy as well.

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1. Lucy the Lavender Dragon

Most fairy dragons are a lot smaller than the standard, large dragons. They’re especially favored as companions to fairies, along with unicorns, as there are so few magical creatures that are just about as magical as fairies themselves. Lucy is quite playful, and she’s waiting patiently for Bubba while playing with one of the butterflies. See her at this set in Etsy.

2. Precious Treasures

Dragons are famous for hoarding treasure or loving shiny, precious things. Lucy is guarding a small hoard of her own: she has a pair of golden staffs next to her, each topped with a precious gemstone. There are also small gemstones hidden away that she has been dutifully looking after. Perhaps Lucy was given these things by the King and Queen! See them with her at Etsy.

3. The Book of Fairy Tales

Lucy is also keeping a close eye on this thick book of old fairytales. It’s borrowed from the Royal Library, but that’s not the only reason that it’s precious to Lucy. She is waiting for Bubba to finish his work for the day so that he can come out and read to her some of the wonderful tales in the book. Perhaps there’s a dragon or two in the stories. See the book with her at Etsy.

4. The Spotted Mushrooms

Another of the treasures that Lucy is looking after are some glowing yellow orange spotted mushrooms. Though they’re nearly half her size, she does her best to look after them as these mushrooms are quite special. They’re used by fairies as an addition for their spells and potions, and are very useful for many things. See the mushrooms at Etsy.

Lucy is not the only fairy dragon around the Fairy Kingdom, of course. There are many other dragons, each one of them different and wonderfully magical. They have their own responsibilities in the kingdom. Meet some of them!

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5. The Little Green Dragon

Green dragons are a very common specie of dragon, and they can be found in different subspecies all over the world. This little green dragon is but a hatchling, and he is still wide-eyed, exploring the world all around him. He will have to do a bit more growing in order to be a big strong dragon capable of helping out in the fairy kingdom. Meet him at Etsy.

6. The Book Dragon

This purple dragon is quite wise. He does a lot of reading in his spare time. He has been tasked as a guardian of a fairy library, and perhaps one that Lucy gets her books from. Perhaps purple dragons like Lucy and these dragons are especially fond of books, and just love to read all the time! It’s a wonderful habit to have. Meet this purple dragon at Etsy.

7. The Familiar

A companion creature is often called a familiar. They can be almost any sort of animal, and anyone with a special sort of magic is likely to have a familiar to boost their magical powers. Pixies have familiars too, and this pixie is carrying a very tiny dragon as its familiar. The dragon is an excellent, helpful companion, and also helps guard against danger. See them at Etsy.

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8. The Twin Dragons

These two young dragons are twins! They seem quite fond of each other’s company. One has to wonder if they were born from a two-headed dragon, and just happened to split into individual twins. Maybe that’s why they’re so attached to each other! Whatever the case, having a close companion is helpful in navigating life, even for dragons. Meet them at Etsy.

9. The Flower Dragon

Some of the most common dragons in the fairy kingdom are flower dragons. Fairies are always tending to the flowers themselves and looking after plants in the forest. As it is spring, they’re very busy with making them bloom. The flower dragons help them by boosting their magic and making the flowers bloom more beautifully than ever. Meet this dragon at Etsy.

10. The Mother Dragon

All the baby dragons around the kingdom need to come from somewhere! The mother dragons are extremely protective of their eggs. Even fairies know that they will have to be polite and tread carefully around a nesting mother dragon. Mother dragons also look after their hatchlings very well, teaching them how to fly, blow fire, and play. Meet one at Etsy.

Dragons are magical creatures that can be found all over the world, bringing a whole new kind of magic into every garden they visit. What kind of dragons are in your garden?

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