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Magical Ways to Create Your Own Advent Calendars

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Magical Ways to Create Your Own Advent Calendars

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m so glad that you’re here with me. This week we’re going to explore some magical options for building your own advent calendar. We’re going to look at some fun containers in which you can store each day’s surprise. Each suggestion that we have is a refillable box. You can find the fairies’ complete advent calendar guide as a free download. 

Some of our magical miniature options could be great for an advent calendar. If there isn’t enough room in the calendar, you can also leave a note with a clue of where to find the day’s gift.


1. Joyful Advent Calendar
Juegoal Advent Calendar with 25 Drawers Countdown to Christmas, Refillable Wooden Advent Xmas Gift for Kids, 12 Inches Tall
2. Santa’s Sleigh Advent Calendar
MorTime 24 Day White House Advent Calendar with Lighted Reindeer Sled, Lighted Wooden Countdown to Christmas Calendar Decoration with 24 Storage Drawers
3. Gingerbread House Advent Calendar
Wooden Gingerbread House Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar 10.5 x 8 x 9.5 H
4. Snowman and Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Kurt Adler Wooden Snowman with Tree Advent Calendar

Joyful Advent Calendar

The first advent calendar box that we wanted to share with you is joyous. It has tones of white and gold and in addition to the stenciled numbers, some boxes have a magical word on them. Some of these special words are joy, love, and wish. Learn more about this special advent calendar on Amazon.

Santa’s Sleigh Advent Calendar

Our next advent calendar suggestion is shaped like a little house. It lights up and there is a magical design in the attic space. The design features a Santa in his sleigh being pulled by his team of magical reindeer. As a North Pole fairy, Fairy Merry loves watching Santa work with his reindeer. Find this advent calendar on Amazon.

Gingerbread House Advent Calendar

This advent calendar is shaped like a gingerbread house. It is extremely magical and looks good enough to eat. Any child or adult would love to find a surprise each morning tucked away in this magical advent calendar. More details are available on Amazon.

Snowman and Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

We love the bright colors on this advent calendar that has twenty-four red boxes. There are adorable decorations featuring a snowman and Christmas tree on top of the boxes. Find out about this magical advent calendar on Amazon.

1. Enchanted Advent Calendar
WBHome Christmas Advent Calendar, Traditional Wooden Countdown Calendar Castle with Rotating Animated Christmas Tree, Snowy Village Castle, 24 Drawers and Led Lights for Holiday Decoration
2. Rocking Horse Advent Calendar
Needzo Wooden Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar with Santa Claus Riding on Traditional Red Rocking Horse with 24 Doors
3. Sleigh Advent Calendar
MorTime 24 Day Red House Advent Calendar with Lighted Reindeer Sled Christmas Tree Snowflake, Lighted Wooden Countdown to Christmas Calendar Decoration with 24 Storage Drawers (sled)
4. Christmas Tree Advent Calendar
Juegoal Countdown to Christmas Calendar 2021 Nature Wooden Tree Shape Advent Calendar with 24 Storage Drawers, for Kids, 15" Tall

Enchanted Advent Calendar

Our next advent calendar is extremely enchanted. It has a unique shape featuring twenty-four drawers and LED lights. There is a magical Christmas scene on top of the boxes which feature a rotating animated Christmas tree. This snowy village is both a decoration and a way of counting down to Christmas. Full details are available on Amazon.

Rocking Horse Advent Calendar

We thought that this rocking horse advent calendar was so cute. Santa Claus is riding the rocking horse. This would be especially fun for a child’s countdown to Christmas. Find out more about it on Amazon.

Sleigh Advent Calendar

This advent calendar lights up and is shaped like a sleigh. There is a tree and a miniature house on top of the sled. The drawers for the little gifts are built into the sleigh’s design. Visit Amazon to learn more.

Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

The final advent calendar suggestion that we’re going to offer in this week’s post is of a tree-shaped calendar. There are many beautiful Christmas colors featured in this option. Learn more on Amazon.

Thank you again for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. We hope that you’ll come back and visit us soon. Also please download your copy of the advent calendar guide so that you can discover all sorts of magical ideas for creating your own advent calendar, or for finding unique options. We found ones that feature daily caramels, puzzles, hot beverages and so much more.

You might find some more amazing ideas for your advent calendar on this delicious video about chocolate and fairy gardens.


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