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Magical Looking Lamps for Fairies and Humans

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Magical Looking Lamps for Fairies and Humans

I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m pleased to welcome you back to Tommy Tinker’s Store. I have another great adventure planned for us this week. I’ve decided that we’re going to have a peek at some magical looking lamps which are great for fairies and humans. Don’t forget with a bit of fairy dust, we fairies are able to take any lamp and make it just the right size for us.

1. Magical Fairy Lamp
Diffuser/Lamp/Lantern, Fairy, Vinyl Decal
2. Relaxing Stained-Glass Lamp
Single Mosaic Table Lamp.Stained Glass Lamp, Relaxing and romantic camel model night light, Swan lamp, Decorative lamp, New house gift.
3. Enchanted Candle Holder Lamp
Hummingbird Shadow Lamp, Ceramic Bird Candle Holder, Hummingbird Gift
4. Mysterious Unicorn Lamp
3D Unicorn Fairy Illusion Lamp

Magical Fairy Lamp

The first lamp that our fairy merchants wanted to share with us is a diffuser and a lamp/lantern. It has a decal of a fairy on it, which is exciting. We love the many ways that we can shine our light on the world including with this beautiful lamp. It is available on Etsy.

Relaxing Stained-Glass Lamp

We also found some beautiful stained-glass lamps which are known for their romantic and relaxing atmosphere. We liked these because of how lovely and unique they were. Find them on Etsy. There are several models available.

Enchanted Candle Holder Lamp

We found some enchanted candle holders that look like lamps. They have beautiful hummingbirds on them and come in several colors and diameters. Explore the possible options on Etsy.

Mysterious Unicorn Lamp

We found an intriguing 3D unicorn fairy illusion lamp. Numerous illusion colors are available. Visit Etsy to learn more about this magic lamp option. It is sure to bring joy to your life. The fairies are excited about this.

1. Fairy Garden Lampposts
Fairy Garden Street Lamp (1pc/5pc) - 8 Varieties - Miniature Lamppost - Micro Landscape - Mini Garden - Terrarium Decoration - Zen Garden
2. Miniature Tiffany Lamp
Dollhouse Miniature Tiffany Lamp
3. Whimsical Lamp
Shake and Shine Lamps
4. Himalayan Salt Lamp
Red Himalayan Salt Lamp | Authentic RED Himalayan Salt from Pakistan | Natural Dark Red Rock Salt | Rare Red Himalayan Salt Crystals

Fairy Garden Lampposts

Miniature lampposts are perfect for a fairy garden. There are so many possibilities of how they could be arranged – in a magical Valentine’s village, an enchanted street, a winter carnival etc. Let us know where you’d love to see these on our social media pages. Find the miniature fairy garden lampposts on Etsy.

Miniature Tiffany Lamp

We also found some miniature Tiffany lamps which are incredible and would be perfect especially for an indoor fairy garden or a magical dollhouse. The colors are incredible, and the lamp is filled with beauty and intricate details. Learn more on Etsy.

Whimsical Lamp

Our magical merchants found some whimsical lamps that children will love. They are shake and shine lamps. The turtle and dinosaur models are still available for your enjoyment. Discover more details on Etsy.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

The final lamp that we’re going to look at today is a Himalayan salt lamp. This one is made with authentic dark red salts. We liked it because of the magical colors and light that it gives off. Full details are available on Etsy.

Thank you for coming on today’s adventure. I hope that you feel enlightened by the beautiful lamps that we were able to see. Don’t forget to let your natural light shine through like us fairies do. It helps to bring out our magical qualities even more. Also, please keep visiting the Tommy Tinker Store. 2021 is going to be a magical year for us and we have lots of new adventures and books planned for all of our enjoyment.

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