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Magical Fairy Land Celebrations for Father’s Day

Come along with me, Tommy Tinker as we enjoy another adventure in Fairy Land. It is Father’s Day, and we are ready to look at some of the amazing celebrations that are going to take place. Some of our fairies enjoy going to big parties for Father’s Day. Others prefer a lower-key celebration with their immediate families.

King Henry’s BBQ

King Henry’s Magical Father’s Day BBQ

My good friend and the ruler of the Fairy Kingdom, King Henry recently hosted an incredible Father’s Day BBQ. He’s planning on holding another one this weekend. I cannot wait to see what magical surprises are in store. I’m not a dad yet, but I have been helping to look after my niece Susan while her parents have been traveling. This Father’s Day, it is important to remember to celebrate all fatherly figures. Learn more about King Henry’s BBQ here on the Tommy Tinker Store website.

Food Heaven Mag treats

Delicious Father’s Day Treats

As you might be aware, fairies absolutely love to eat sweets. For most of this, it is the main staple in our diets. In this article from Food Heaven Mag, you can find some adorable Father’s Day cupcake ideas to surprise dad. Read more here.

Father’s Day Activities

A Day of Father’s Day Fun

In Fairy Land, we love to celebrate with magical fairy gardens since many of us live in them. If your dad is looking for an enjoyable activity, he might want to take a little vacation to a magical Fairy Land. But first, he’s going to need to decide which theme he’d like his fairy garden to be. Perhaps he likes to fish, garden, play golf or go camping. Learn more about these ideas and more in this Teelie’s Fairy Garden blogpost.

Fairy Nice Trading Perfect Picnic

A Father’s Day Picnic

Another fun idea for a relaxing Father’s Day is to go on a Father’s Day picnic. As you will discover from Fairy Nice Trading, there are four steps to planning a perfect fairy picnic. Read this enchanted article and also enjoy some beautiful photos here.

Studio M. Lakeside Fairy Garden

Magical Day By the Lake Fairy Garden

You and your dad might want to spend Father’s Day by enjoying a magical day at the lake. Discover an incredible fairy garden that was posted on Pinterest by Studio M. This enchanted adventure includes time with the family dog, seeing a sweet family of ducks, going for a paddle in a canoe, and some delicious treats. Full details are available here.

We’re glad that you came on this magical Father’s Day in Fairy Land celebration with us. Please come back and see us again soon.

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