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Magical Fairy Land Carriages

It’s a beautiful and sunny day here in Fairy Land. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m glad that the weather is cooperating since it will mean that King Henry and Queen Olivia who live in the fairy palace will be able to go out for a ride in enchanted places. They love to travel around in the countryside seeing the sights and visiting their fairy friends.  On their last ride, I took a few photographs which I’d like to share with you.


Enchanted Carriage Scenes

This enchanted fairy garden scene was created in our magical Fairy Land and includes King Henry and Queen Olivia inside of a beautiful garden. A horse is pulling a whimsical golden carriage. King Henry and Queen Olivia had stopped in this garden to enjoy a walk and a picnic which their friend Bubba had created for them. Bubba is the head candy taster at the candy factory and is also a skilled baker. Fairies’ favorite foods are sweets and Bubba’s delights are renowned in the Fairy Kingdom. The photograph is taken by a set of magical gates. Some fairy gardens have magical fairy doors and others have other enchanted options which can help visitors get even farther in the magical world. To learn more about the King and Queen’s magical carriage ride, you can read this blog post.

In this enchanted photograph, King Henry and Queen Olivia’s carriage is stopped in front of their enchanted palace. They are just waiting for one of the groomsmen who works for them to bring out their horse so that they can go for a ride. We love how sparkly the carriage is. It is absolutely fit for royalty. Learn more here. 

You can also enjoy a magical video of King Henry and Queen Olivia here.


Pumpkin carriage Cinderella, Ladder 1/48, fairy garden From Made In Even on Etsy (Papeete, French Polynesia)

The final magical scene that we wanted to share with you for today is of a pumpkin carriage in a Cinderella-like design. This is the carriage that Queen Olivia hopes she’ll get to ride in for Halloween. It is part of a fairy garden scene from Made In Even from French Polynesia. Magic can be found everywhere in the world and in Fairy Land.

Thank you for coming on this magical journey through Fairy Land with me. Please come back and see me and all my friends in the Tommy Tinker Store soon. More magical adventures await us.

Here is a video about one of my recent adventures.


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