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Magical Fairy Land Adventures for Father’s Day

Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker and I cannot wait for us to enjoy some magic. With Father’s Day coming up, King Henry asked me if I could come up with some great ways that dads could celebrate their special day. I found several ideas and I also found fairy gardens that go with those ideas which I think you’re really going to enjoy.

fairy garden

Party Pinching Golf Themed Fairy Garden

Off to the Golf Course

This enchanted fairy garden from Party Pinching is a golf-themed garden. The miniature creation is how our fairies love to spend several hours of their time swinging a club or riding in or driving a golf course. Sometimes being a fairy isn’t all that different from being a human. Learn more here.

fairy garden

Kalamity Creations Camping Scene

Gone Camping

Kalamity Creations wants to inspire us to go on a camping adventure. This adorable camping scene features almost everything that we need for a good time out in the woods or on a campsite. We have a tent, boat and oars, marshmallows for roasting, and a campfire. There is also a lot of wildlife to be met while camping including this deer. More details are available here.

fairy garden

 The Little Hedgerow Fishing Scene

Off to the Lake

The Little Hedgerow invites us to take some time for ourselves and head to the lake. I’m sure there are many fathers who would agree that this could be a wonderful way to spend Father’s Day. Our lake-themed fairy garden includes some stones to symbolize water, someone catching a fish, a bucket to put it in, and a friendly dog who is watching what is happening. Learn more here.

fairy garden

Brit Co RVing Fairy Garden

It’s Time to Go RVING

Perhaps dad wants to get away for the weekend. If he has an RV, then this miniature RV themed fairy garden is the perfect getaway for him. Once the RV has been driven to the right spot, there is time to enjoy water, lounge around in beach chairs, and wonder about what you might see while you’re relaxing. More details are available from Brit Co here.

fairy garden

Brandy Kirby Dragon Fairy Garden

King of the Castle

Brandy Kirby on Pinterest brings us this enchanted fairy garden. Fairy dads might be a bit more adventurous in some ways than human fathers. In Fairy Land, there is the opportunity to visit castles that have dragons as their gatekeepers. This is an enchanted adventure that I hope everyone in Fairy Land gets to enjoy. Learn more here.

Thank you again for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. I hope you’ve had a wonderful time here. Please continue to explore and then come back again soon. We always have something magical happening for your enjoyment.

Discover some more Father’s Day Fairy Garden inspired accessories. We also have a video about creating a Father’s Day fairy garden for you.




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