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Magical Christmas Fairy Doors

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Magical Christmas Fairy Doors

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m going to take you on an amazing adventure. Since many have been celebrating Christmas in July, we wanted to show you eight fairy doors that are perfect for your Christmas garden. Some of these doors are also perfect all year long, especially if you happen to live at the North Pole.

1. Gingerbread Door
Christmas Gingerbread Fairy Door - Santadoorz by Fairydoorz
2. Enchanted Green Door
Green elf door Irish fairy door kids gift Baby shower Magic garden Fairies fantasy elves faerie elf gnome Unusual hand painted fairy door A9F
3. Magical Red Door
Fairy Door, Christmas Elf Door, Red Handmade Fairy Magical Door, Indoor Wall Fairy Door, Red Elf Door, Red Fairy Door Gifts
4. Snowflake Fairy Door
Blue Fairy Door, Christmas Door, Fairy door, Xmas, Wooden Door, Elf Door, Santa Door, Fairy, Rustic fairy gift, Magical gifts, Fairy magic

Gingerbread Door

The first magical Christmas door that we want to share is a door that looks like it belongs on a gingerbread house. It is decorated with magnificent candies. Above the door’s opening is a sign that reads ‘Santa’s Workshop.’ We know that Santa wouldn’t mind working in such a magnificent fairy garden. Find the door on Etsy.

Enchanted Green Door

The color green is often associated with Christmas, and we found a magnificent fairy door that elves, fairies, and gnomes are all going to love. This door is hand-painted and the green paint is outlined in red. It also has a cute window in it. Learn more on Etsy.

Magical Red Door

Red is another well-known Christmas color. The next door is framed with some rustic-looking boards which have been painted white. Cute hinges connect the boards to the red door. The door frame and door are cut out to have an interesting shape, creating a magical look. Discover this door on Etsy.

Snowflake Fairy Door

Our next pick is absolutely stunning. It is a blue fairy door with some snowflake undertones, and then a large snowflake near the top of the door. It also has an intricate black and white door frame. Find it on Etsy.

1. Rustic Fairy Door
Fairy Door, Grey Christmas Fairy Door, Pixie Door, Fairy Wall Art Decor, Forest Folk Art, Fairy Art by Bluebell Fairy Doors
2. Whimsical Fairy Doors
Christmas Fairy Doors
3. Customized / Personalized Fairy Door
Handpainted Personalised Christmas Fairy Door in Red Elves Pixies Skirting Board Decoration Santa's Workshop or Name with Wreath
4. Elf Shoe Fairy Door
Wooden Elf Feet, Christmas wood Decor, Holiday Wood Decor, Wood Elf Shoe, Elf Decorations, Fairy Door

Rustic Fairy Door

We found a grey fairy door that has a rustic look to it. It has been framed with logs and decorated with adorable miniature Christmas decorations. Grey doesn’t have to be a drab color; you just need to find the right magical touches to make it festive. This door is available on Etsy.

Whimsical Fairy Doors

Next, we found some whimsical fairy doors. The artisan has created three different models for you to choose from. Each door has an adorable white frame that has been decorated with Christmas elements like trees. The first door is brown and has a wreath hanging on it. There is also a place to personalize it with the fairy’s name. The second door is yellow and also has a cute holiday wreath on it. The third door is red and a sign on it reads ‘Santa’s Workshop.’ All these doors can be found on Etsy.

Customized / Personalized Fairy Door

Next, we found a door that can be customized or personalized depending on your personal preferences. This holiday fairy door has been hand-painted and we wouldn’t be surprised if fairy dust was used in the process to make it so stunning. It is red and reads ‘Santa’s Workshop.’ It has a wreath on it too. Find them on Etsy.  

Elf Shoe Fairy Door

Our final pick for today is a fairy door that is shaped like an elf’s shoe. It has a sign on it that points the way to the North Pole. This red and white shoe has a green door on it and is extremely festive looking. Learn more about it on Etsy.

Thank you for coming with me to discover these magical Christmas fairy doors. Have you got a fairy door in your garden? We’d love to learn more about it if you do. Contact us on social media or post a picture of your magical fairy door below. Please continue to visit The Tommy Tinker Store for more incredible magic and adventures.

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