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King Henry Hosts a Father’s Day Barbecue

King Henry Hosts a Father’s Day Barbecue

Hello Fairy Friends. Today we’re going to be going on an amazing adventure. We’re headed to the palace as King Henry is hosting a Father’s Day Barbecue. He is doing it a few days before Father’s Day to allow fathers to be with their children on Sunday.

Pirate Pete will also be at the barbecue. He has a few days off from his work and is stopping by to enjoy this special meal and some company from his fairy friends. We’re also excited that Pirate Pete’s book Pirate Pete and the Secret Fairy Treasure will be out soon. Keep visiting Tommy Tinker’s Store for more information on this magical book and other fairy news.

Father's Day Barbecue
1. Barbecued Delights
Miniature Barbecue Grill in 2 Styles Green or Red ~ Summer Fairy Garden Accessories ~ Dollhouse Camping Minis
2. Magical Picnic Tables
Dollhouse Miniature - Picnic Table
3. Sweet Summertime Cocktails
Miniature Coconut Cocktail - Summer Dolls House Miniature Food - Bakery Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale – MTO
4. Delicious Desserts
Miniature Chocolate Heart Cake - Dolls House Miniature Food - Bakery Item for Doll House 1:12 Scale

Barbecued Delights

King Henry will be doing some of the barbecuing himself. The barbecue is taking place on the spacious palace grounds. Since it takes a lot of food to feed so many fairies, fairy chefs will be joining him at the grills. You can find miniature barbecues for your fairy garden or dollhouse on Etsy.

Magical Picnic Tables

There will be several magical picnic tables used during the barbecue. The picnic tables have been varnished with a special mixture that includes fairy dust. Whenever they are placed in someone’s yard and food is cooking, the food makes its way from the grills, refrigerators, or coolers to the tables. You can find a replica of our magical fairy picnic tables on Etsy including some replicated food.

Sweet Summertime Cocktails

Some special summertime cocktails are also being mixed up at the palace. King Henry has arranged for Sally Sea Mist to come from the Caribbean to the palace to make the drinks. She is known for making the best ones. She owns her own business on an island and serves delicious drinks out of her tiki hut. You can find a replica of one of the drinks, served in a coconut on Etsy.

Delicious Desserts

Fairies love sweets and so having delicious desserts is a must for King Henry’s barbecue. He and Queen Olivia asked for Bubba the Head Candy Taster Fairy to give them a hand in making a decision. Bubba liked to bake, and he was amazing at choosing incredible flavors. Bubba suggested a dessert that included a surprise. They chose miniature chocolate cakes that had a heart inside of them. They all agreed that the heart for Father’s Day would make the dessert more meaningful. If you’d like to offer your garden fairies, this special dessert, you can find it on Etsy.

Father's Day Barbecue
1. Ambiance Music
Miniature Small Hedgehog Play Music Fairy Garden Supplies Succulent Terraium DIY Accessories Animals Figurines
2. Games for the Children
Sweet fairy girl with ball toy, youthful fairy, fairy figurines, fairy garden supplies, fairy playground
3. Trophy Centerpieces
Happy Father's day! Fathers day mini trophies
4. Fantastic Prizes
Fishermen Frog with Fish in Bucket

Ambience Music

King Henry also found an adorable hedgehog that plays a musical instrument to provide ambience music during the barbecue. This little hedgehog can also be found as a figurine on Etsy.

Games for the Children

Since there is so much space at the palace, it is also possible to make a place for the children to play games. There will be races and a soccer tournament. You can find a fairy girl figurine playing with a ball on Etsy.

Trophy Centerpieces

King Henry wanted to have unique centerpieces at the barbecue. He decided to go with trophy centerpieces and at the end of the barbecue he’ll allow guests to take them home. You can find these trophies on Etsy.

Fantastic Prizes

King Henry will also be offering some fantastic prizes at his barbecue. The prizes will include special items for the dads to make their own fairy gardens. One of these prizes is a frog fishing. You can find it on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me on today’s adventure. I hope that you enjoyed attending King Henry’s barbecue. Please keep visiting us at Tommy Tinker’s Store to stay up to date on all our fairy news. You can also look for us on social media including Pinterest and MeWe, and Bloglovin’ or comment in this post and we’ll get back to you.


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