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King Henry and Queen Olivia

Celebrate The Magical Royal Fairy Garden

This is the Fairy Garden of King Henry and Queen Olivia and they invite you to celebrate with them the marriage of their distant relative Prince Henry and Meghan Markle-how exciting!

Welcome to our magical royal fairy garden! We are King Henry and Queen Olivia of the Royal Fairy Kingdom. Our family has been on the throne for all of eternity; you see, fairies live forever. Our main duty is to look after all the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom to make sure that they are kept safe and that no harm will come to them. We love all the fairies, so we have many parties and balls for them, with the largest ball coming up: “The Fairy Heart Ball.” Sweets are a fairy’s favorite food, so Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to celebrate. If you would like to get on our invitation list, just send us a message and we will add you. Off to plan the ball!