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Join Tommy Tinker As He Judges An Exciting Pie Contest

Tommy Tinker is excited to try numerous kinds of pie today. He’s going to be judging a pie contest because May 13th will be National Apple Pie Day. So, Tommy will definitely have to enjoy some apple pie while he judges all the delicious flavors that he’s about to discover.

your choice of hamburgers with all the works or a plain cheeseburger

1:12, Your Choice Of Hamburgers with All The Works Or A Plain Cheeseburger, Cherry Pie, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden

Delightful Cherry Pie

At the pie contest, Tommy Tinker will be able to indulge in numerous varieties of pie including this delectable-looking cherry pie that even has a sweet layer of cherries on top of it. Learn more here.

4th of july miniature pastries, fairy garden, dollhouse, miniature

 1:12, 4th of July Miniature Pastries, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature

4th of July Pie

These delightful-looking pieces of pie are a special family recipe that belongs to one of the competitors. She usually makes it for her family’s 4th of July picnic. However, it is such a delicious pie that it is worthy of a contest regardless of the season. Tommy Tinker agrees. Learn more here.

international miniatures dollhouse miniature home made blueberry pie

International Miniatures Dollhouse Miniature Home Made Blueberry Pie

Lovely Lattice Blueberry Pie

This lovely lattice pie is blueberry flavored. We love the care that was taken to bake it so that it won’t only taste great but also looks beautiful. Tommy Tinker cannot wait to get a bite of this sweet pie. Learn more here.

mixed 5 assorted lovely pies dollhouse miniature food,tiny food

ThaiHonest Mixed 5 Assorted Lovely Pies Dollhouse Miniature Food, Tiny Food

Beautiful Berry Pies

With so many beautiful berry and fruit pies, Tommy Tinker knows that it isn’t going to be easy choosing winners in each category. He is also learning that there are several different ways to make the same kind of pie. The lovely assortment above includes blueberry pies, strawberry pies, and pies that have kiwis in them. Learn more here.

set of 2 realistic apple pie slice 34 foil party balloons

Set of 2 Realistic Apple Pie Slice 34″ Foil Party Balloons

Apple Pie Balloons

Since it is National Apple Pie Day that will be celebrated, there were lots of apple pies to taste. Tommy Tinker loves all the cinnamon and other spices that are in this classic pie. There were also many decorations like these foil balloons that looked like a slice of apple pie. Learn more here.

set of 2 realistic pecan pie slice

Set of 2 Realistic Pecan Pie Slice 34″ Foil Party Balloons

Pecan Pie Balloons

The sweet caramel in pecan pie is another winning combination that Tommy Tinker loves. There were pecan pie balloons above the display with this amazing pie in it. Tommy Tinker doesn’t know who baked what pie, but he knows whoever baked each one is extremely talented. There are even some pies baked by his friend Bubba. Learn more here.

set of 2 realistic pumpkin pie slice

Set of 2 Realistic Pumpkin Pie Slice 34″ Foil Party Balloons

Pie and Topping

Topping a pie with ice cream or whipped cream makes it seem even more magical. Tommy Tinker is looking forward to some pumpkin pie with whipped cream on top. Celebrating pie days are one of his favorite things to do. Learn more here.

50 pieces dollhouse miniature fast food accessories

50 Pieces Dollhouse Miniature Fast Food Accessories Set Mixed Resin Food Drink Mini Hamburger Fries Juice Milk Bread Jam Cup Doll Kitchen Pretend Play Food for 1:12 Dollhouse and Cake Toppers Décor

Mountains of Food

At the pie contest, there will also be vendors selling sweets and other kinds of food that include hamburgers, French fries and so much more. Tommy cannot wait to enjoy some after he tastes the pies. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker hopes that you’ve enjoyed all the delicious pies that he’s been sampling for the pie contest in honor of National Apple Pie Day. Please come back and see us soon for more magic.

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