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Join Bubba in Finding the Sweetest Additions to a Magical Candy Party


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s one of the most important days in the whole fairy kingdom. Fairies are out and about, bustling and preparing, for such a spectacular day. That means fairy treats, fairy sweets and fairy candies everywhere.

Valentines is synonymous with sweet delights. This means that Bubba the Head Candy Taster of the Fairy Kingdom is working incredibly hard to make sure that the most magical sweets are ready for humans and fairies alike! But he can’t do it alone; he’ll definitely need your help. If a fairy candy party is on its way, then it calls for some magical candies, treats, and features that will make the day even sweeter!


1. Bubba’s Candy Taster’s Pillow

Before you start, make sure you’re comfortable. You have plenty of candy tasting and eating to do. Don’t be fooled: sampling all that candy will be hard work! Make sure you’ve got a nice comfy pillow to rest on, or maybe put the candies on top of so they’re not rolling around everywhere. Get Bubba’s official pillow to really feel like a candy tasting apprentice. Maybe it’s best that everyone in the party should have one too. Get the pillow in RedBubble.

2. Sugar Candy Gems

These vibrant fairy treats are in their purest, sweetest form: sugar. And they appear to look just multicolored gems. These sugar rock candies look as though they’ve been freshly mined from candy caves in fairy lands beyond. Each one glimmers and sparkles as though they were precious stones. Surely these are some of the sweetest candies to add to the collection! Get them at Etsy.

3. Jolly Jelly Jewels

Who doesn’t love a delicious jelly too eat? They jerk and jiggle, and most of all they shine as though they were cut jewels. These jellies aren’t just very colorful; they’re also cut into the shape of the tiniest flowers. These fairy treats won’t just look stunning, set down in a candy dish for a fairy ball. They’ll also bring smiles to whoever gets to eat them. Get them at Etsy.

4. Magical Macarons

Now what could be more elegant, more posh, and more marvelous than a box of freshly made macarons? Some of the very best candy and pastry makers in the whole fairy kingdom must have worked very hard on these fairy treats. Just look at their perfectly smooth, colorful meringue shells. Their deliciously creamy filling would be just the right amount of sweetness. Find these at Etsy.

5. Carnival Candy Apples

Bubba knows that some of the best fairy treats come from the brightest carnivals. So these extra special candy apples are a must-have. Brilliant green apples, tart and crisp, are dipped in the brightest red candy shell. They will truly catch the eye of any fairy looking for a sweet treat. And they’ll certainly look and taste perfect for the Valentine’s ball. Find them at Etsy.

6. Dragons’ Teeth

Don’t you worry: no dragons were harmed in the making of these delicious fairy treats! These “dragon teeth” are fairy candy corn, and they are decidedly delicious. Just a few wouldn’t be enough to satisfy a fairy’s sweet tooth. There needs to be bowls and bowls of these wonderful candies laid out on the ball’s feast. Fairies young or old will enjoy such a nostalgic treat. Get them at Etsy.

7. Cloud Candy Floss

It’s a classic fairy treat! These little bags are stuffed with some of the fluffiest, brightest candy floss you’ll ever see. Soft and wispy as clouds, they’re as light and delicate as the fairies themselves. These bags of colorful cottony sugar would be piled high at any fairy ball. They melt in the mouth so fast that everyone will want more. Get these at Etsy.

8. Magic Jelly Beans

These magic jelly beans are a specialty, available only to fairies. After all, who else could make such brightly colored neon jellybeans? These tasty treats have flavors that probably don’t exist in the human world. But each bean is pure magic, bursting with brilliant neon colors. Just imagine how lovely they would be in a colorful fairy feast! Find them at Etsy.

9. Pixie Sticks

Don’t forget the magic dust! This time it’s not fairy dust: it’s pixie dust in pixie sticks! Pixies may be a little mischievous, but they sure have plenty of yummy dusts to share. A stickful of sweet, tart pixie dust in a myriad of flavors will have fairies buzzing all day. Lucky for us, pixies always have some of this delightful treat to share. Find some at Etsy.

10. Bubba’s Tote Bags

At the end of the long day of eating delicious candy, you’ll definitely find that there’s plenty left over. After all, there’s no shortage of sugary fairy candy everywhere, especially when Bubba is at work. So make sure you have an official Bubba tote bag, just like a real candy taster apprentice, to pack in some of the goodies to bring home with you and enjoy. Get the tote bags at RedBubble.


Bubba definitely appreciates all the help you’ll be able to give him by helping him prepare for the big day. There will be a lot more candies and sweets to come, so make sure you’re ready for the next tasting!


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