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How to Host a Unicorn Themed Party

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How to Host a Unicorn Party

Hello Friends. Welcome back to the Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m glad that you’re here. We’re going to have another adventure in Fairy Land today. Friday, April 9th is National Unicorn Day, so I’ll let you in on a few magical secrets about hosting a unicorn themed party. There will be celebrations happening around the world, including one on the front lawn of King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace.

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Create a Unicorn Themed Fairy Garden

Creating a unicorn themed fairy garden can be an enticing way to get the unicorns to take their celebration to your home. One of Queen Olivia’s gardens is unicorn themed. It has amazing rainbow-colored plants in it and is filled with touches of magic. If you’d like to welcome some unicorns to your garden, visit Etsy. They have some sweet pink and blue unicorns that would love to fly home with you.

Gold Unicorn Necklace – Enamel White Unicorn Charm – Monogram Initial Necklace – Antique Gold Toned Jewelry – Unicorn Birthday Party Prizes

Unicorn Gifts

It is fun to gift your party attendees with some unicorn themed presents. We found some adorable, monogrammed necklaces that are gold with a white unicorn charm on them. Learn more on Etsy.

Unicorn Sugar Cookies

Special Treats

Parties require special treats and since fairies love sweets, they insisted on some unicorn shaped sugar cookies. There are so many talented bakers in Fairy Land including my friend Bubba, that I know we’ll be seeing these and a number of other special surprises when party time rolls around. Visit Etsy to learn more about some magical cookies for your unicorn party.

Ureen The Unicorn Fairy™ Tote Bag

Magical Party Favors

Party favors are always a fun way to surprise guests. We found some magical tote bags with our friend Ureen the Unicorn Fairy on them. She also has a number of other incredible items like magnets, stickers and notebooks that would make incredible favors if they were included in the tote bag as special party swag bags. Learn more on Redbubble.

Ureen The Unicorn Fairy™ Greeting Card

Party Invitations

There are a number of ways in which party invitations can be sent out. We saw these blank greeting cards in Ureen the Unicorn Fairy’s magical collection of merchandise on Redbubble and thought that they would make incredible invitations. These cards are also available with other fairies on them.

Ureen The Unicorn Fairy™ Apron

Enchanted Chef’s Aprons

Ureen’s collection of magical merchandise on Redbubble also includes beautiful aprons which are great for the chefs who are catering the unicorn party. They’ll be able to keep their clothing clean and take part in the party’s theme at the same time. Ureen also has skirts, t-shirts, and leggings in your collection. These would also be great party wear.

Cocoa bombs

Whimsical Beverages

We found some magical cocoa bombs, some of which were made for a whimsical unicorn beverage. The awesome thing about these is that they aren’t just available in Fairy Land but that humans all over the world can enjoy them. Several flavors are available including peppermint, strawberry, salted caramel, and milk chocolate. You can find them on Etsy. The seller is taking a short break but you can sign up for updates when these delicious treats will be available again. Select the unicorn pattern if you want to stick with the party’s theme.

Pinata Unicorn

Party Fun

Piñatas are also loads of fun at parties because they’re filled with candies and treats. We found some special unicorn piñatas on Etsy. There are two sizes available.

Sweet Standing Unicorns, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Unicorn with Wings, Pink, Lavender, Gold Unicorn Horn, Flying Unicorn

Unicorn Games

Unicorns love to play games. Sometimes they have races flying through the sky around obstacles or racing from one end of the rainbow to a designated spot in the sky. You can meet these sweet standing unicorns with adorable wings on Etsy.

Sweet Unicorns With An Amazing Unicorn Cake, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Pastel Unicorns, Cakes, Pink, Lavender, Pastel Candy

Cake Baking and Decorating Contests

Some of the unicorns also love to bake so each year for National Unicorn Day, the unicorn bakers hold a special cake baking and decorating contest so they can show off their talents. The unicorns in the photo above created a magical unicorn cake. They had a wonderful time creating. Learn more on Etsy.

Unicorn Digital Downloadable Party Signs, Party Props, Unicorn Party, Pastel Party. Unicorns, Pink, Lavender, Flowers, Stars, Horn

Party With Signs

Help make your party experience special by downloading and printing some incredible unicorn and rainbow signs. Use them as party décor or put them on sticks and carry them around as you enjoy a magical unicorn parade, or other fun magical activities with friends and family. If you wave them just right, their magic might even convince a unicorn to visit you. You may have to be patient since they tend to be shy when they’re first getting to know new friends. They’re available on Etsy. 

Unicorn Digital Download Party Props, Miniature, Party Props, Rainbow, Glasses, Unicorn Masks, Unicorn Signs, Party Signs, Flowers

Magical Unicorn Party Props

We have also created some adorable unicorn and rainbow party props that can be downloaded and printed so that you and your guests can have fun creating memories and/or a photo booth with fun sunglasses, masks, and unicorn pets. Find them on Etsy. 

I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning about this week’s magical unicorn party. If you host one, please share photos on social media with us, so that we can join in your fun. We hope to see you back here at the Tommy Tinker Store soon.

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