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How to get Ready for a Fairy New Year’s Eve Ball

Every fairy ball takes magic, but what else does it need? As it is Christmas Day, King Henry and Queen Olivia wanted me, Tommy Tinker, to take a moment to remind you that we are less than a week away from the Annual Fairy New Year’s Eve Ball. They can’t wait to see you there. Earlier in the week I had a chance to sit down with their party planner and find out everything that goes into planning a successful New Year’s Eve Ball. After you’ve had a chance to read about the ball, please stay around Tommy Tinker’s Store and see what we’ve been up to over Christmas.

1. Invitations
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2. Transportation
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3. Music
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4. Sweets
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A party requires invitations but in Fairy Land, they are not e-mailed out, or even written down on paper. This year, the palace decided to send the invitations in Christmas bobbles. They were brightly lit up and similar to the ones in the photo above. However, because of fairy dust, the palace didn’t need to use electricity to send out their special message for this year’s New Year’s Eve Ball. Instead, when the ornament was received the message shone through the Christmas bobble and was written in the air above the ornament. You can own a set of fairy light bobbles by shopping on Amazon.


While the fairies could all fly to the ball, some have chosen to travel by other modes of transportation instead. The most popular alternative method of travel for the New Year’s Fairy Ball will be travelling by carriage. The carriages will be decorated in all sorts of finery. Some are covered in and others are open so that the fairies can see the stars as they ride along. The carriages are most often drawn by ducks, geese and unicorns. You can own a mini fairy tale carriage by visiting Amazon.


Every ball including the magical ones that the fairies have at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace require music. The party planner assured me that an amazing fairy orchestra will be playing from early in the evening on New Year’s Eve until the wee hours of the morning on New Year’s Day. We’re fortunate to have many talented music fairies in Fairy Land. I hope that one of them will play a harp, it is one of my favorite musical sounds. If you’d like to own a miniature of a fair orchestra, you can find it on Amazon.


It wouldn’t be a party without food. And, it wouldn’t be a fairy party, without lots of sugary treats. The fairy bakers who work at the palace have been planning this for months and there will be lots of candies, cookies, sweet cakes and desserts for everyone to enjoy. There will also be lots of sugary fairy tea and special drinks made for the occasion. If you’d like to have a miniature replica from a fairy tea party, you can find it on Etsy. The food table will be set with elegant dishes and it will be part of the décor for the ballroom.

1. Flowers
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2. Wardrobe
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3. Decorations
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4. Party Favors
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The fairy florists have also been working to come up with the perfect arrangements of flowers to display on the tables and throughout the ballroom for the New Year’s Eve Ball. They will likely have the year 2020 incorporated into the design somehow. While the fairy party planner didn’t want to give away too many details, she told me that we were guaranteed to see bright and appealing colors in the flower arrangements. If you’d like to own your own fairy flowers, you can find some on Amazon.


Choosing what to wear to the fairy ball is something that often requires the assistance of the fairy seamstresses like Courtney who you might have met in the Halloween book ‘Fairy Adventures of the 5 Spooktacular Fairy Witches’ by Teelie Turner. Most of the female fairies will wear a fancy dress with leggings and the male fairies will choose some sort of tailored clothing so that they look dapper for the evening. If you’d like to own a fairy style dress and can’t get it at your local fairy seamstresses’ office, we liked this one on Amazon.


The ballroom will be filled with lots of sparkly lights and decorations. There will also be an extremely tall Christmas tree in the corner of the ballroom where fairies can enjoy talking or having their holiday photos taken. The ballroom is large and picturesque and is the favorite party spot in all of Fairy Land. If you’d like to own some fairy lights in the shape of a star, you can find them on Amazon.

Party Favors

Queen Olivia and King Henry always want to send their guests home with a special gift. This year’s loot bags will include many surprises including special fairy bookmarks. Reading is an important hobby in Fairy Land. You can find fairy bookmarks on Amazon. There has recently been a Christmas fairy book released called Holly’s Magical Fairy Tale Christmas that you might want to read this holiday season. King Henry and Queen Olivia have already read it several times.

As you can see the New Year’s Eve Ball at the palace is going to be an extraordinarily magical event. All of the fairies are very excited about it. And, while we’re celebrating by dancing, eating sweets and seeing new and old friends, we are also thinking of you and wish you the very best in this coming year. Please don’t leave just yet, visit the Tommy Tinker homepage to find out more about our holiday adventures.

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