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How to Be Prepared for Fairy School

With back to school here or almost on your doorstep, Tommy Tinker wanted to let you know how the students in Fairy Land get prepared for Fairy School. We hope that you enjoy the magic of each school day. There is always something magical to learn.

Tommy Tinker Magical Toadstool Bench™ Spiral Notebook

Magical Notebooks

You’re going to need a notebook with a magical design on the cover for your first day of Fairy School. I’m sharing one of the spiral notebooks that has my picture on this. This one has me in front of my toadstool mushroom bench. Spiral notebooks are very practical because you can tear pages out of them. Learn more here.

The Famous Tommy Tinker And Niece Susan™ Hardcover Journal

Enchanted Journals

Make sure to have an enchanted journal for your first day of Fairy School. You’re going to need somewhere to write down all the magical spells that you learn. These spiral notebooks are very practical, and the hardcover is sturdy and will keep everything you write in your journal safe. Pictured above is a beautiful green hardcover journal that has a picture of me and my niece Susan on it. More details are available here.

Ruby The Ribbon Fairy At Play™ Zipper Pouch

An Adorable Pencil Case

Your adorable pencil case will be used to store pens, pencils, erasers, crayons, and other school supplies in it. Even though this is a Fairy School in Fairy Land, many of the same supplies that human kids use are required for the fairy children. These zipper pouches make a great pencil case. There are various sizes available. Pictured above is a zipper pouch with an image of my friend Ruby the Ribbon Fairy on it. Ruby has a very important job in Fairy Land. She makes sure that all the bows are ribbons that are needed for candy boxes and other projects in Fairy Land get done. Discover the zipper pouches here.

Queen Olivia The Fairy Queen™ Drawstring Bag

Magical Drawstring Bags

This magical drawstring bag has a picture of Queen Olivia, the Fairy Queen on it. Her castle is in Fairy Land. She lives there with her husband King Henry. They are our amazing fairy rulers and great friends of mine. Drawstring bags can come in handy for school as you can carry supplies like shoes in them. And since fairy shoes are so tiny, we don’t even have to worry that the bag might be too small. Find these gorgeous bags here.

GIYOMI Star Wand, 13 Inches Silver Fairy Princess Angel Wand Sticks for Girls Costume Birthday Party Wedding Halloween Christmas Cosplay-Fairy Wand For children over 36 months of age

Your Own Magic Wand

Depending on what level you’re in at Fairy School, you might not yet have any magic in your magic wand, but you will still need one as you’ll be practicing how to hold it correctly and the right way to wave it when you do a spell. Find a beautiful silver wand here.

Tommy And Susan -Their Mushroom House™ Classic T-Shirt

A Fairy T-Shirt

There will be activities and theme days at Fairy School where you might be asked about your favorite fairy or to wear something magical. We think that one of our amazing t-shirts featuring Teelie Turner’s wonderful fairies would be perfect. Pictured above is a t-shirt with me and my niece Susan on it. We’re in front of our mushroom house. The t-shirts are available in several different colors and sizes. Learn more here.

Adorable Mama, Daddy, Two Baby Unicorns, White, Pink, Lavender, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Sitting, Laying, Baby Unicorns

Fairy Garden Accessories

At Fairy School, you’ll be learning how to build magical fairy gardens and each student is asked to bring in at least one fairy garden miniature. One idea is this adorable family of unicorns that can be found here. It will be sure to help create a magnificent fairy garden.

Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory

Each student is asked to bring in one of their favorite books so that it can be read during the school year. My suggestion is this amazing story by Teelie Turner about me. It’s called Tommy Tinker and the Lost Candy Factory. It’s an enchanting story about the time that King Henry and Queen Olivia asked me to help find and restore the candy factory which was lost in Fairy Land. You can learn more about this book and find the various formats here.

 Thank you for spending time with me, Tommy Tinker. I hope that you’ve enjoyed learning how fairy children get ready to go to the Fairy Land school. As you’ve read, there is always a lot of magic in their day and we hope that there is in yours too.

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