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How the Fairies Celebrate Independence Day

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How the Fairies Celebrate Independence Day

Hello Friends, I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m so glad that you could join us in Fairy Land. We’re just a few days away from celebrating Independence Day in the United States and we wanted to let you know how we celebrate. Given that fairies can travel around the world, we’re blessed to be able to experience many amazing celebrations around the world. I would like to introduce you to a friend of mine, her name is Patriotic Patsy and she’s going to let you know how we celebrate the 4th of July. Please keep visiting the Tommy Tinker Store as this is an exciting and busy time in Fairy Land.

1. Get Comfortable in the Park
Patriotic Patsy The 4th Of July Fairy™ Throw Blanket
2. Celebrate Our Country’s History
Patriotic Patsy The 4th Of July Fairy™ Pin
3. Extra Special Fairy Dust
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4. Patriotic Treats
Fairy Garden Red, White and Blue Donuts, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fabric Table Topper, Smiley Face Donut, Star Fabric, Red Strawberry, Icing

Get Comfortable in the Park

We’re going to begin our 4th of July celebration by heading to the Fairy Land park. We’re all going to sit at  the picnic  tables or spread out blankets on the ground. I’m  going to take my special Patriotic Patsy blanket with me. If you’d like one, they are included in my collection of merchandise on Redbubble.

Celebrate Our Country’s History

While we are celebrating at the park, we will celebrate the country’s history. I will be giving a speech about our country. I will be wearing a Patriotic Patsy the 4th of July Fairy pin while I do it. Some of my fairy friends will also wear the pin. You can find my pin on Redbubble.

Extra Special Fairy Dust

Some of my fairy friends were responsible for creating an extra special blend of fairy dust. It will be  used to create the fireworks display. Fireworks that are created by fairies are extra special because the magic dust allows us to do things that regular fireworks cannot. You can find some of our fairy dust on Etsy. It is just missing one special component to keep it safe from falling into the wrong hands,  but it does look adorable in a miniature fairy garden.

Patriotic Treats

Fairies love having something sweet to eat. And, I think that they are even more special when  they look patriotic. The fairy bakers have been working hard to wow us. They have created red, white, and blue donuts and have decorated them beautifully. You can find a replica for your dollhouse or fairy garden on Etsy.

1. Enjoy Sweet Beverages
Miniatures Beverage decorate for dollhouse
2. Dress Up in Red, White, and Blue
Patriotic Patsy The 4th Of July Fairy™ Chiffon Top
3. Ceremonial Flower or Tree Planting
2 pieces Miniature Flower in pot, Miniature Plants in pot, Dollhouse Flower, Miniature Garden
4. Have a Picnic
Picnic basket, 4th of July, Scale 1:12

Enjoy Sweet Beverages

The fairies will also be having some sweet beverages to go along with their treats. And, there is also a replica of our beverages available. On Etsy you can find some miniature Coca Cola, Pepsi, or Lemon Tea cups that appear to be filled to the brim  and served with ice. They are extremely refreshing.

Dress Up in Red, White, and Blue

For Independence Day, I always encourage the fairies to dress in red, white, and blue. I have several clothing options including t-shirts, dresses, skirts, and legging in my collection of merchandise. I decided to show you my chiffon top. You can find my clothing line on Redbubble.

Ceremonial Flower or Tree Planting

In Fairy Land, we always plant trees or flowers on the 4th of July. This is our ceremonial way of celebrating another year of our country’s history. Some of the flowers that are being planted this year are adorable blue buds. I’m not sure of their name. I would have to ask a florist or gardener fairy for more details. You can find a replica of the flowers that we are planting on Etsy.

Have a Picnic

Each year we enjoy a 4th of July picnic. We use red and white checkered tablecloths and put them on the picnic tables. The great thing about being in Fairy Land, is that if we run out of picnic tables, we can use fairy magic to bring more in. However, we haven’t run out in several years. Tommy Tinker is great at helping to organize the grounds of the park for our special patriotic celebration. You can find a miniature picnic basket scene on Etsy.

1. Musical Entertainment
Tiny Animals Play Music Mini Fairy Garden Supplies Succulent Terrarium DIY Accessories Gift Family Friend Set of 8pcs Miniature
2. Decorate with Flags
Miniature 4th of July American Flag on Grassy Patch ~ Patriotic Dollhouse Figurines ~ Summer Fairy Garden Accessories
3. Fun Picnic Table Centerpieces
4th of July Independence Day Patriotic Miniature Figurine Scenes
4. Special Surprises
Patriotic Patsy The 4th Of July Fairy™ Zipper Pouch

Musical Entertainment

There will be a magical band providing musical entertainment for our 4th of July celebration. The band members are animals who are talented at playing musical instruments and singing. They will certainly be playing the United States of America’s national anthem several times during the party. Our band members are available as individual fairy garden figurines on Etsy. They include a frog, a hedgehog, a rabbit, and a bear.

Decorate with Flags

The park will be decorated with lots of American flags. The flags are also available in miniature sizes and can be used in a Fairy Garden. Have a look at a special post that our friends at Teelie’s Fairy Garden made on creating a red, white and blue fairy garden. You can find the flags on Etsy.

Fun Picnic Table Centerpieces

There will also be fun red, white, and blue centerpieces on the picnic tables. If you would like to use them for your table or fairy garden, you can find them on Etsy. There are several models available.

Special Surprises

I will also be distributing special surprises throughout the park during the celebration. Some of the surprises are from my collection of merchandise which includes this cute zippered pouch. You can find it and my other merchandise on Redbubble.

I would like to thank Patsy the Patriotic 4th of July Fairy for giving us such a great overview of our 4th of July celebrations. Please keep coming back to Fairy Land. I’ll plan another wonderful adventure for us for next week. In the meantime, please keep visiting us at Tommy Tinker’s Store to stay up to date on all our fairy news.

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