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How Fairies Celebrate National Dog Day

How Fairies Celebrate National Dog Day

Hello Fairy Friends and welcome back. I’m Tommy Tinker and this week we’re going to talk about how fairies celebrate National Dog Day which happens on August 26th. Each of the items which we chose to represent an element of our celebrations can also be used in a magical DIY fairy garden featuring a dog. And later I hope that you continue to browse Tommy Tinker’s Store to have a look at our magical fairy clubs and other exciting fairy news.

DIY Dog Themed Fairy Gardens
1. Do Yoga With the Dogs
Set of 6pcs Fairy Garden Miniature Dog Yoga Master Figurine, Terrarium Figurines, Fairy Garden Decor Accessories, Miniature Garden Supplies
2. Take a Walk With the Dogs
Fairy Garden Fairy | Fairy sitting with her dog pal | Fairy - Miniature Fairy Garden Supply | Good Boy | retriever | lab
3. Take Your Dog Fishing
Fairy Garden | boy fishing | fairy sitting with his dog and catching dinner – Miniature
4. Garden With Your Dog
Fairy Garden Figurine | puppy sitting next to well | Miniature Fairy Garden Supply | Accessories wishing well

Do Yoga With the Dogs

Fairies love to do yoga with dogs. A lot of dogs would probably struggle with  this, but they have more flexibility in Fairy Land. We found a cute set of figurines featuring dogs doing yoga that would be great for your DIY fairy garden. Find them on Etsy.

Take a Walk With the Dogs

Another great activity that dogs and fairies love to do together is go for walks. Sometimes, they have a seat and rest before continuing on. We found a fairy girl and her Labrador dog who would be great for your fairy garden. Look for them on Etsy.

Take Your Dog Fishing

Dogs love to go anywhere  that their fairies do, and that includes going fishing. Dogs and their fairy masters would love it if they had a place in your dog themed DIY fairy garden. You can find one who is up for the task on Etsy.

Garden With Your Dog

Gardening can be even more fun than usual when your dog is here. Some dogs know a thing or two about fairy gardening especially when they start recommending the use of a rustic flower pot under the pump at the well, so that the flowers can have the benefit of the water which splashes out of the handle. Find an adorable puppy dog addition for your DIY fairy garden on Etsy.

Celebrating National Dog Day
1. Visit A Dog’s House
1Pcs Dog Chicken Duck Cat House DIY Resin Fairy Garden Craft Decoration Miniature Micro Gnome Terrarium
2. Enjoy a Magical Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden - Girl Fairy & Dog School Themed/Miniature Fairy Garden/Dollhouse Miniatures/Miniature Fairy Garden Supplies/Teacher Gift
3. Create a Doggy Day Care Fairy Garden
Fairy Garden Miniature Corgi Animal Car Corgi Decoration Simulation Dog Shiba Inu Model Stupid Fat Chai Husky Decorative Resin Handmade
4. Enjoy Time at Home
Mushroom House, Fairy Mushroom House, Miniature, Dollhouse, Craft Project, DIY, Fairy Home, Red, Red Fairy House, Cute, Adorable

Visit A Dog’s House

Fairies are the perfect size to fit inside of a dog’s house comfortably. Most dogs keep treats that fairies can enjoy in their cupboards for when they receive a visit. A dog’s house is available from this set of miniature animal homes. If you’d like your dog to have some neighbors which are chickens, ducks, or cats, you can find them on Etsy too.

Enjoy a Magical Fairy Garden

Dogs love to enjoy a magical fairy garden and with this delightful option all items are included for putting together your masterpiece. Enjoy it for yourself or give it as a gift. It is available on Etsy.

Create a Doggy Day Care Fairy Garden

Looking for a way to have numerous dogs in your magical DIY dog themed fairy garden? Consider creating a doggy day care in your fairy garden. You can have your pick of dogs to feature on Etsy.

Enjoy Time at Home

Enjoying time at home with a dog is something else that fairies like to do. Sitting and relaxing while they read a book, take a nap, or enjoy a good movie are all things that a dog can be included in around the house. Some of our fairies live in delightful mushroom houses like the one featured. Find it on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me to discover how fairies celebrate National Dog Day. If you have any questions, let us know as we’d be happy to help. You can find us on social media and Bloglovin.’ We would also like to invite you to continue visiting Tommy Tinker’s Shop and Fairy Land.

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