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How Do Bunnies Celebrate Easter

How Do Bunnies Celebrate Easter

Thank you for coming to the Tommy Tinker Store. I’m so glad you could come and visit me again. My name is Tommy Tinker and I’m a tinkerer fairy. Last week my friend Teelie Turner released a new book about me. It’s called Tommy Tinker and the Sacred Trees of Ireland. It’s an incredible story and it was a great adventure. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be telling you about it and Teelie’s other new releases.

You can watch a magical video about my book.

However, this week I’m going to be sharing some magical secrets with you about how bunnies celebrate Easter, or at least how the bunnies in Fairy Land celebrate.

Bunnies and Easter
1. Visit With Friends and Family
Bunnies, Bunnies, Bunnies! Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Barbie, Fairy, Fairies, Fairy Pets, Pets, White Bunnies, Sitting Bunnies
2. Enjoy Treats
Sweet White Bunny With Yummy Carrots, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse, White Bunny, Carrots, Easter, Cute Bunny, Sweet Bunny
3. Enjoy a Special Easter Tea
Sweet Easter Fairy Brunch, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Easter, Fairy, Easter Eggs, Teapot, Yellow Flowers, Cupcakes, Colored Eggs
4. Decorate an Easter Tree
Retro Lighted Ceramic Easter Accents

Visit With Friends and Family

Bunnies love to celebrate Easter by visiting with family and friends. To celebrate this, we found several miniature bunnies who would love for you to take them home to your fairy garden. The fairy in the photo is just visiting and doesn’t go along with the rabbits. Find the bunnies on Etsy.

Enjoy Treats

Like fairies, bunnies love to have treats. However, fairies prefer sweets whereas bunnies prefer crunchy vegetables like carrots. There is an adorable white rabbit munching on carrots in the picture above. More details are available on Etsy.

Enjoy a Special Easter Tea

The kitchen fairies will also prepare a special Easter tea for the bunnies to enjoy. The fairies will ensure that the bunnies have a nice table setting with a beautiful teapot like the mauve one in the photo, flowers, Easter eggs and a special treat like these cupcakes. I think the cupcakes are carrot cake flavor, a happy compromise for the bunnies and fairies. This magical tea set is available on Etsy, but act fast if you’d like it, since there is only one available.

Decorate an Easter Tree

Fairies and bunnies will work together to decorate an Easter tree. We found some adorable ceramic trees that make great decorations on The Lakeside Collection. The bunnies especially love the delightful colors of these trees.

Bunnies and Easter
1. Help Decorate Fairy Land
Lighted Easter Eggs or Bunnies
2. Help the Easter Fairies
Fairy Garden - Miniature Figurines and Accessories Starter Kit - Fairy Garden Set of 12 pcs
3. Hunt for Easter Eggs
Miniature Easter Egg Basket, Colored Easter Eggs,Miniature Easter Eggs, Fairy Garden Miniatures, Dollhouse Miniatures, Easter Miniatures
4. Read Easter Stories
Reading Rabbit Mom And Kid On Swing | Reading Bunny Figurine | Reading Rabbit Figurine | Fairy Garden Bunny | Rabbit Statue | Rabbit Figure

Help Decorate Fairy Land

The bunnies will help decorate parks, schools, libraries, bakeries, and cafés throughout Fairy Land. Some of the decorations they’d like to use are the light up Easter eggs and bunnies which are pictured above. More details are available on The Lakeside Collection.

Help the Easter Fairies

Bunnies love to help the Easter fairies. They know that giving back to their community can help to make their hearts feel even fuller with happiness. But, when they work hard, breaks are also needed, and the fairies insist on having some fun with music and treats when they rest. Learn more on Amazon.

Hunt for Easter Eggs

The Easter Bunny is known for leaving eggs but the bunnies in Fairy Land also love to hunt for them, especially if there are children in their entourage and then they can search with them. There is always a big Easter egg hunt at Queen Olivia and King Henry’s palace that brings out families, bunnies, and other animal friends. Find some magical eggs on Etsy. 

Read Easter Stories

Reading Easter stories is another magical part of the bunnies’ celebrations. We found an adorable addition to a fairy garden that features a mother and baby rabbit reading while on their swing. Learn more on Etsy. Teelie Turner recently put together a list of some reading suggestions for Easter for children. Find out more here.

We hope that you have enjoyed learning about how bunnies celebrate Easter. Please continue to visit us at the Tommy Tinker Store for more news on my adventures.

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