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Help Tommy Tinker Sort Out His Holiday Decorations

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Christmas tree ornaments

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and as you may have noticed I love decorating for the holidays. I’m currently going through my shed, finding the boxes that have all my magical Christmas tree ornaments in them. Please join me on today’s adventure.

I recently decorated a Thanksgiving tree. You can learn more in this video.


2. Amazing Fusion Glass Wreath Ornament
Ornament, crowned, mistletoe
4. Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments
Handmade Christmas ornaments, hand painted wood slices with resin finish , Christmas decoration

Magical Fusion Glass Penguin Ornament

One adorable ornament was made from magical fusion glass. It is of an adorable penguin. What is great about an ornament like this is you can use it all year long if you like. Find it on Etsy.

Amazing Fusion Glass Wreath Ornament

This cute wreath ornament is also made from fusion glass and is perfect for Christmas. The fairies love seeing all the different ornaments as they travel through Fairy Land and around the world visiting their human friends too. Learn more on Etsy.

Whimsical Reindeer Fusion Glass Ornament

We love this whimsical reindeer that is made from fusion glass. They have different colored bow-ties available. You also have the choice of red, white, or black ribbon for hanging up the ornament. Full details are available on Etsy.

Hand Painted Christmas Ornaments

These handmade Christmas ornaments are beautiful. They were hand-painted on wood slices and have a resin finish. Learn more on Etsy.

1. Buffalo Blaid Rustic Christmas Ornament
Set of 5 wood bead Christmas tree ornaments, red and black Buffalo plaid, farmhouse house, Nordic , rustic Christmas, Minimalist, boho
3. Personalized First Christmas Ornament
Personalised Baby Boy's First Christmas Ornament 2021, Baby first Christmas, Customized Glass Ornament, free shipping
4. Cute Metal Christmas Tree Ornament
Christmas Tree Ornament, metal Christmas ornament, Christmas décor

Buffalo Plaid Rustic Christmas Ornament

Buffalo plaid is very popular, and I love the look of the wood bead ornaments that have red and black Buffalo plaid bows. Find them on Etsy.

Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments

We also love these handicraft Christmas trees. They are available in green or white and they are so beautiful and delicate looking. Full details are available on Etsy.

Personalized First Christmas Ornament

Is this your baby’s first Christmas? Then you may want a magical ornament to commemorate this special event. This adorable ornament can be personalized. We love the winter penguin design. Learn more on Etsy.

Cute Metal Christmas Tree Ornament

The final ornament that I want to show you for right now is a cute metal ornament. This one is of a Christmas tree that has been painted green. We think it will look great on your tree as well as ours. Find it on Etsy.

Thank you again for visiting The Tommy Tinker Store. We love spending time with you. We have so many exciting things planned for the holidays. We can’t wait to share them with you. Be sure to check back with us soon to learn more.

In the meantime, enjoy this video about one of Teelie Turner’s magical books.


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