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Help Tommy Tinker On Fall Harvest and Cleanup!


We’ve got a lot of work to do now that fall has come! Tommy Tinker, like the many fairies that live in his village and in the Fairy Kingdom, has started to get busy this harvest season. The leaves will turn color and fall, and there will be plenty of food that needs to be gathered before winter arrives. The whole village is thrumming with activity and work. And since Tommy Tinker is the cleverest fairy in the village, able to fix anything, he’s been one of the busiest. Let’s join him on his day of work, helping out the hardworking fairies of the village as they do their harvest chores.

1. Leaves, leaves, leaves

The fall makes the leaves change color, but every breeze sends them spiraling down from the tops of trees. For fairies, being quite small, this can get cluttered up quite quickly! Stepping out of his home, Tommy would be greeted by the sight of so many leaves. It’s time to get raking to gather up the leaves to put them away. They can be composted later for the fields, or used for tiny fairy fireplaces. See the leaves at Etsy.

2. Tools for Fall

Because there’s plenty of work to be done, Tommy’s going to have to bring out his other tools. He’ll need a rake for all those leaves and spades for digging up the compost and help with the harvesting. Tommy’s collection of handy tools will come in handy for all the errands he’ll have to be running for this season, helping everyone out. Get this set at Etsy.

3. The Leaf Bucket

All those leaves have to go somewhere. Tommy helps the other fairies put all the leaves that had been gathered up into a container. This will make it a lot easier for everyone to dispose of them afterwards as needed. The whole village will gather the leaves into a pile, and take what they need for their farms or gardens, and even for their fireplaces. Everyone works together and shares the benefits! Get the bucket at Etsy.

4. The Crate of Pumpkins

While Tommy is helping clean up the leaves, he gets waved over by the pumpkin fairies. “Tommy, would you be so kind as to help us gather up the pumpkins?” So many enchanted pumpkins were being prepared for the coming fall season, all the way to Halloween and Thanksgiving, so the pumpkin fairies need all the help they can get. Tommy would be glad to pick up a crate of pumpkins and help them out! Get them at Amazon.

5. The Farmer Fairy’s Stall

Tommy carries the crate of pumpkins over to a familiar friend: the farmer fair who is getting a harvest of fall vegetables ready for selling at the market. “Thank you, Tommy!” the fairy tells him, as Tommy adds the pumpkins to the stall, which was bursting with wonderfully fresh vegetables. There will be plenty more freshly harvested veggies to be had in this stall soon! Get it at Etsy.

6. Put Up the Fall Signs

Because of all the busy activity in the village, fairies from all over are coming to town. They might be looking for pumpkins or a place to stay. Tommy then gets out his hammer and nails—there are signs that needed putting up all around the village. These little signs show the way to the pumpkin patch, the welcome hall, and more. This way, everyone safely finds their way! Get the signs at Etsy.

7. Piles of Straw Bales

Soon enough, though, the farmer fairies ask for Tommy’s help again. Could he use his magic to help them get all these bales of hay brought to the barns? The hay will be used to feed the fairy horses, line the nests of the fairy chickens, become warm cozy beddings for the fairy pigs, and so many other uses. Tommy gets to work helping them carry the hay! Get the bales at Etsy.

8. Batches of Eggs

The hay will also be used to make sure that the fresh eggs being gathered from the fairy farms will be kept fresh and warm. Tommy brings the bales to the coops for the hens and their nests, but the hay is also  used by his farmer friends to tuck in the gathered eggs. These wonderful eggs will go out to the bakers, the markets, and even everyday fairies for breakfasts and meals. Get the eggs at Etsy.

9. The Mushroom Harvest

“Tommy,” a fairy boy says, walking up to him, “would you help us with the harvest of mushrooms?” Enchanted mushrooms are very special things in the fairy world. They are used for food, potions, and spells. Right away, Tommy gets to work to help the fairies gather up the mushrooms that have sprung up before they disappear with the colder temperatures to come. Get them mushroom harvest at Etsy.

10. Sweet Corn for Everyone

Tommy’s last errand for the day is to help the fairies harvest the corn. These were planted in the early spring and have now sprung up into cobs and cobs of delicious sweet corn. They pull the ears off the stalks and husk them as needed. The work is tiring and quite long, but it’s so much more fun when you’re sitting with other fairies and singing along to a working song. At the end of it, Tommy had quite a lot of sweet corn to eat and bring home! Get the corn at Etsy.

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