Help Tommy Tinker Install Birdfeeders Throughout Fairy Land

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Birdfeeders in Fairy Land

Welcome back to Fairy Land. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Tommy Tinker and I have another wonderful adventure planned for us today. I am going to have you help me put up birdfeeders throughout Fairy Land. And, when our adventure is over, please keep exploring the Tommy Tinker Store for exciting fairy news and fun.

1. A DIY Birdfeeder
Bird Feeder, Craftsman Prairie Style Wooden 3D puzzle kit and lantern. DIY model you build! Mason Jar w/ Seed Included. Lights can be added!
2. Amazing Birdhouse/Feeder
Wooden birdhouse Garden bird feeder Wooden bird house Garden gifts
3. Barn Feeder
Little Red Barn Bird Feeder Solid Cedar Wood Handcrafted in the North Georgia Mountains
4. A Gift That Keeps Giving
Happy Mothers Day Bird Feeder

A DIY Birdfeeder

First, you will join me at my workshop and we’ll put together some extremely cute birdfeeders which are wooden. We’ll add lights to them so that they’ll act as a lantern in the evening and a birdfeeder in the day. If you’d like to build some at home for your own birds, you’ll find the kit on Etsy.

Amazing Birdhouse/Feeder

We also have a second type of birdhouse to assemble from a kit. The finished product will resemble a tree. Don’t worry if you aren’t handy because I’ll be there to help you and if things are taking too long, I can always add a little fairy dust  to help us along. You can find this kit on Etsy.

Barn Feeder

Our next birdfeeder comes assembled and resembles a barn. We’ll be installing these birdhouses in several woodsy areas where fairies living in cottages will enjoy feeding the birds and sharing their company. If you’d like this feeder for your birds, you can find it on Etsy.

A Gift That Keeps Giving

Our next bird feeder is commonly referred to as the ‘Mother’s Day Bird Feeder’ since it is a popular gift. However, it is a bird feeder that anyone who enjoys a bright yellow color and sunflowers will enjoy. We’ll be installing some of these in the park in the center of Fairy Land. You can find it on Etsy.

1. Fairy Garden Ornament
Miniature Merriment Bird Feeder with Squirrel
2. Colorful Birdhouse/feeder
Miniature birdhouse on shepherd hook assorted colors mix & match fairy garden birdhouse container garden fairy birdhouse and mini garden
3. Magical Bird Feeder
New Etched Fairy Garden with butterflies Recycled Wine bottle Hummingbird or Bird feeder
4. Decorative Feeder
Fairy Garden birdfeeder Flower Fairy Garden Miniature Bird Feeder Miniature Dollhouse Birdhouse Miniature Garden Bird Feeder Home Garden

Fairy Garden Ornament

Our next birdfeeder is small and meant for fairy gardens. It comes with a squirrel decoration. We’ll be leaving these miniature feeder ornaments on the porches of several gnomes who will incorporate them into their fairy garden designs. If you would like one for your own fairy garden, you can find it on Etsy.

Colorful Birdhouse/feeder

Our next choice of a birdfeeder also works as a bird house. They are miniature and can be found in many different colors. They are available on Etsy. We’ll be installing these in some of Queen Olivia and King Henry’s gardens at the palace. We’ll also be stopping in the gardens to enjoy a picnic that is sure to include some iced tea, fairy sandwiches and sugary sweets.

Magical Bird Feeder

Our next birdfeeder is made from a recycled wine bottle and has etchings of fairies and butterflies on it. We only have a few of these to install and they will double as decorations and a place for the birds to eat along Main Street. You can find these adorable birdfeeders on Etsy.

Decorative Feeder

Our final choice of birdfeeders for today is a decorative birdfeeder/home that is meant to be included in a fairy garden or dollhouse. It is only decorative and not be used for feeding our feathered friends. You can find it on Etsy.

Thank you for joining me on our magical adventure to install birdfeeders throughout Fairy Land. Your help is much appreciated. You can also help us by telling your friends about the great work that fairies do. Share the Tommy Tinker Store website with friends and family so that they can get in on the magic.

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