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Help Tommy Tinker Choose His Halloween Costume

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Magical Halloween Costumes

Thank you for coming back to Tommy Tinker’s Store. I’m Tommy and this week I’d like your help in choosing my Halloween costume. I almost always wear the same thing – my work clothes because I’m a fixer fairy and have to keep my toolbelt handy. But, for Halloween I can do something different. I have a few ideas but would like your help in deciding. There are just so many choices. I’ve narrowed it down to these eight possibilities.

1. Skeleton
Mini Dracula Fairy Figurine in Skeleton Costume ~ Halloween Dollhouse Miniatures ~ Fall Fairy Garden Supply ~ Haunted House Dioramas
2. Devil
Mini Sleeping Baby Figurine in Red Devil Costume ~ Halloween Dollhouse Miniatures ~ Fall Fairy Garden Supply ~ Haunted House Dioramas
3. Witch
Cute Miniature Fairy Sabrina Leaning on a Pumpkin, Fairy Garden Halloween Decor, Doll Figurine
4. Fairy
Sitting Fairy Jennifer, Fairy Garden Miniatures, 2" Tall, Fairy Garden Accessories, Fairy Figurine


I could dress up as a skeleton like the mini Dracula fairy in the picture above. It would be something different and would celebrate all the bones in a human or fairy’s body. I just don’t know if it is colorful enough since the costume is just black and white. You can find a fairy garden figurine of a fairy dressed as a skeleton on Etsy.


Dressing up as a devil is another possibility. They’re very popular especially in haunted fairy houses. The costume is red which is a nice color. I saw a baby fairy wearing the costume and it was really cute. I just don’t know if it is for me. Find the baby fairy on Etsy.


I could dress up as a witch or a wizard. There are a lot of different colored cloaks and hats that are available, and I know that my niece Susan who is a seamstress could help tailor the costume to me. If you’d like to have a witch fairy in your garden, you could ask Fairy Sabrina. She loves being outside in the pumpkin patch. Find a replica of her on Etsy.


There is always the possibility of dressing up as a fairy, perhaps just in different clothing, but since I am a fairy, it isn’t the most original idea that I’ve ever had. But, if you’re creating a Halloween fairy garden, including fairies could help make it enchanting. Consider asking Fairy Jennifer. She is a calm, kind fairy and would enjoy your company. Look for her on Etsy.

1. Veterinarian
Fairy Boy and Puppy Figurine, Fairy Garden Miniatures, Fairy Figurine, Miniature Fairy Garden Accessories, Fairy Garden Animal
2. Elements of Nature / Vegetables
Fairy Garden Baby Harvest Fairies ~ Thanksgiving Miniature Figurines for Fairies ~ Fall Fairy Accessories & Terrarium Figures
3. Sports Star
Basketball Fairy Girl in Overalls ~ Miniature Sports Fairy Figurine in Blue Jeans Garden Decor ~ Summer Fairy Garden Supply & Accessory
4. Gnome
Clarence The Wood Chopping Fairy-Fairy Garden, Fairy, Gnome, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Kit, Gnome


I love animals, so could maybe choose to dress up as a veterinarian. I could take along my pet dragon, or perhaps borrow a pet like a dog from a friend. You can ask a dog and fairy to join your fairy garden by contacting them on Etsy.

Elements of Nature / Vegetables

There are also a lot of nature and vegetable costumes that I could choose from. A few options are to dress up as a pumpkin, an acorn, or an ear of corn. Fairy friends for your garden are available on Etsy wearing these costumes. They are sold separately.

Sports Star

I could decide to be a sports star and wear a pair of basketball shorts and a team jersey. I could even carry a basketball with me like the superstar pictured above. You can contact a sporting fairy on Etsy to ask them to join your fairy garden this Halloween.


I could also decide to dress up as a gnome. I have many gnome friends and I’m sure that they wouldn’t mind lending me some clothing to help me look like them. Gnomes would love to visit your garden. You can find some on Etsy.

Thank you for coming on this adventure to look for Halloween costumes with me. I’ve still got to think about what I’d like to be. Perhaps you could contact me on social media or comment on this post to let me know your thoughts. Also, please stay and look around Tommy Tinker’s Store. There is more magic for you to discover.

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