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Go on New Adventures with Tommy Tinker and Fairy-Themed Travel Items


The world is so much bigger than we ever thought it could be, especially when we travel. Going outside your usual, exploring whole new worlds and going on incredible adventures: that is the stuff of legend, and where all of the most magical stories begin. Before you go off and embark on your next big adventure, whether it’s to another state or another country, you have to prepare everything ahead of time, bringing along everything you might need. That will include some magic and fairy dust, and that’s where Tommy Tinker and the rest of the fairies have you covered.

1. Tommy Tinker Custom Flip Flop

You’re gonna be doing a lot of walking during your travel, and you might be going out by the lake or by the beach. You’ll want to do that comfortably, so make sure to pack a pair of flip flops that will make moving and running easy for you. These flip flops are comfortable and great for frolicking around, and the whole time, Tommy Tinker will be with you. Grab it right from the Tommy Tinker store.

2. Tommy Tinker Pillow Case

Let Tommy Tinker look out for you when you rest your head at night or during long car travels with a comfortable, clean pillowcase. With a pillow at your side, you can sleep easily during long rides by land or by air, with a head full of fairy magic dreams. When you get to your destination, you’ll feel more refreshed and ready to wander! Find it at the Tommy Tinker store.

3. Ruby the Ribbon Fairy Phone Case

You’ll definitely want to take a whole lot of photos of your travels, likely through your phone. But taking your phone on long journeys with you, especially off road like during camping, could put it at risk. Keep it safe from scratches and dirt with a phone case, guarded by Ruby the Ribbon Fairy, as you go from one place to another. Meet Ruby at the Tommy Tinker store.

4. Bubba Yubo Lunch Box

Boy, long travels can be exhausting! Why not take a break and have something to eat? This lunch box will keep your snacks safe from prying fingers thanks to Bubba the Head Candy Taster. It’s great for toting along on camping trips or long hikes, or even just exploring a new city! Grab this great box at the Tommy Tinker store.

5. Tommy Tinker Hardcover Journal

You’re going to want to document everything you see and do during your adventure. You’ll want a place to paste your tickets, polaroids, postcards and other interesting souvenirs during your adventures. Maybe you want a place to write your thoughts in, important places and moments. Bringing a journal with you automatically makes it the ultimate souvenir of your adventures, and one you can refer back to for years to come. Receive yours from the King and Queen from the Tommy Tinker store.


6. Fairy Pattern Luggage Protector

You have to make sure your suitcase stays safe from dust and dirt during your many travels, so add a little fairy magic to your luggage with a stretchy, firm, luggage protector. Pull it over your trolley and you’re sure everything stays in one place, even if your suitcase somehow pops open. The enchanting fairy on the cover is also immediately eye catching, so you won’t have any trouble finding it in a luggage deck the moment you disembark. Get your protector at Amazon.

7. Blue Dancing Fairy – Moonlit Night Faerie Fae Luggage Tags

Make sure everyone knows the bag is yours through this beautiful moonlit luggage tag. The bright fairy has its own name tag slip that you can fill in with your name, address, and phone number. So if you ever lose your luggage or it ends up somewhere it’s not supposed to be while you’re traveling, whoever finds it will know how to get it right back to you. Find a two-set of the tags at Amazon.

8. Wildkin Sleeping Bag

Out in the woods at camp or traveling to faraway places, you will need a place to safely curl up and sleep. A cozy sleeping bag, with its own pillow and storage bag, will be the perfect bedding for you. You’ll sleep soundly through the night, warm and secure, under the protection of fairies. You’ll find it at Amazon.

9. Fairy Star Travel Cosmetic Bags

You will need a place to put in your soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and other important toiletries, so tuck them into a little cosmetic bag. These make sure that your smaller items don’t roll around all over the place through the rest of your luggage. It also gets so much easier to grab them when you’re unpacking somewhere, and all your bath items are stored in one little spot. Snag a shiny bag at Amazon.

10. Lily Fairies Drawstring Backpack

You’ll need a light, easy to carry second bag, since you can’t be bringing your big suitcase or backpack around with you all the time. Maybe you want to stop by and explore the town to see what it has to offer, go shopping, or play in a theme park. A drawstring backpack is easy to carry, can hold your most essential things, and will be a lot of fun to carry around. You’ll have the fairy on your bag helping you spread your fairydust along the way. Pick up your bag at Amazon.

All packed and ready? You’re set for your next great adventure! See more amazing adventures from Tommy Tinker here:

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