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Gifts Worthy of Royalty for King Henry and Queen Olivia

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King Henry and Queen Olivia are known throughout all the fairy kingdoms as just, generous, and kind rulers. Loved by all their subjects and even of fairies beyond the kingdom, they are what everyone hopes that loving rulers could possibly be. Wise and powerful, they’re arguably two of the most magical fairies in the entire kingdom. Isn’t it just right, then, that when visiting such enchanting royal personages, that guests come bearing gifts?

See some of these beautiful gifts worthy of fairy royalty:

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1. Ancient Crowns

These royal crowns come from ancient treasure trove. They won’t just be perfectly fitting royal gifts for the King and Queen, but they would be wonderful pieces of fairy history to wear on their royal heads. Get the crowns at Etsy.

2. The Sapphire Scepter

Many monarchs hold a scepter in their hands as another symbol of power. A fairy scepter like this one possesses a big shining gemstone full of fairy magic. It’s one of the ideal gifts to offer the King and Queen, who are the best fairies to wield its magic. Get it at Etsy.

3. The Magic Wishing Stones

Fairies are famous in all the storybooks for being able to grant wishes. Gifts like these enchanted wishing stones have that same magic, able to grant wonderful wishes to anybody who has been kind to fairies. What a lovely gift for the King and Queen! Get them at Etsy.

4. Crystal Flowers

Queen Olivia is certainly worthy of gifts like this: these fairy crystal flowers are so rare. They come in rainbow colors, and from the center of each one grows a shining magical crystal. They’re breathtaking sight as a bouquet! Get them at Etsy.

5. Fairy Crystal Orb

Artifacts and crystals like these are often used as a conduit for fairy magic. The King and Queen could use this magic orb to look into worlds beyond the kingdom, or to cast strong rays of fairy magic. Get the orb at Etsy.

TommyTinker Feb 26 2019 6-106. Royal Wines

When invited to a royal ball, it’s only right that the guests present the hosts, the King and Queen, with some gifts! These lovely wines, carefully crafted and made by the best fairy vineyards, are a sophisticated gift to offer them. Get them at Etsy.

7. Treasures from Under the Sea

Mermaids are fairy friends since time immemorial. They two might like to present the King and Queen some gifts as a token of friendship. This clamshell full of mermaid treasures from the sea is a wonderful present for the fairy royalty. Get it at Etsy.

8. Unicorn Dust

Unicorns are one of the most magical creatures in the whole world and a common friend to fairies. With every step, they shed magical unicorn dust just like fairy dust. A bottleful of this rare, enchanted dust is hard to get and so rare that it will make a wonderful gift for the fairy King and Queen. Get it at Etsy.

9. Rainbow Unicorn Pegasus

Why not give them the whole steed? Among the most extravagant of gifts would be a winged Unicorn, presented to the King and Queen as a mighty, magical stallion for them to ride, or to pull their carriage along. Find this rainbow winged unicorn at Etsy.

10. The Pumpkin Carriage

Finally, the grandest of gifts: a royal carriage in its entirety. The pumpkin carriage has been a storybook favorite, produced by fairy magic that aims to lead to true love. Coupled with the flying unicorn, it’s the most royal carriage in the world. Get it at Etsy.

Prepare your royal gifts and remember to bow or curtsey: you’re now ready to meet King Henry and Queen Olivia!

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