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Find the Sweetest Easter Candies and Pastries with Bubba the Jolly Head Candy Taster

TommyT apr 9 2019

Easter is approaching rapidly! As it’s one of the biggest holidays in the Fairy Kingdom, everyone has made sure to intensify all preparations. Every Easter bunny caretaker, every spring flower guardian fairy in the kingdom have worked around the clock in order get ready. The same goes for Bubba, our Jolly Head Candy Taster.

So many candies and cakes are devoured happily during Easter. In the Fairy Kingdom, that is the same. Now it’s Bubba’s job to find the tastiest and sweetest Easter delights to enjoy in the fairy kingdom. The treats must be the best Easter goodies that are just perfect for the occasion.

TommyT apr 9 2019 1051. Bundles of Easter Sweets

A big plateful of sweet things and Easter candies is piled into this lovely Easter scene. There is a basket full of candy eggs, three-color Easter candies, and even an Easter cookie with the face of a white rabbit on it. Best of all, there’s even a big block of creamy white chocolate to enjoy with all the rest of the treats. It’s a must-have for Easter! Get it at Etsy.

2. Fluffy Peeps

Easter isn’t Easter without a helping of fluffy marshmallow peeps! Out of the Easter candies, Bubba made sure that huge bundles of these pink and yellow peeps were flown into the Fairy Kingdom for everyone to share. They’re bright, colorful, sugary and fluffy, and definitely something the fairies enjoy as much as humans do. Get them at Etsy.

3. Candied Carrots

Bubba hasn’t forgotten all the hardworking Easter bunnies as well. They have brought in so many Easter eggs, candy and non-candy alike. They worked tirelessly to make sure everyone in the fairy kingdom will have enough to eat and share, as well as enough eggs to hide around the Kingdom for a big Easter egg hunt. They should get their own candies too, and candied carrots are the best! Get a basketful at Etsy.

4. Easter Egg Meringue

There are many ways to enjoy different Easter candies and Easter eggs. Some of the Kingdom’s best fairy patisseries have produced a light and fluffy marshmallow meringue just like the peeps that they love so much. They’ve swirled it into a knot and topped it with shiny, shimmery candy eggs They’re a great sweet treat! Get some at Etsy.

5. Easter Bunny Lollipops

Lollipops are a candy favorite all over the world, so Bubba made sure to find some that aren’t just delicious, but also fit in well for the occasion. These shimmery, colorful lollipops have been carefully spun by fairy candy makers to look like hopping Easter bunnies. They’re a yummy to treat to snack on while seeking out Easter eggs! See them at Etsy.

TommyT apr 9 2019 6-106. Easter Eggs in Cups

Seeing a nice, boiled egg in a tiny egg cup in the mornings is a regular sight. But for Easter, an extra special egg in a cup is in order. These Easter candies are candy eggs covered in the most intricate sugar decoration. They’re set into the tiniest egg teacups fit for fairies, and topped with a snowy white bow. They’re so pretty that even Ruby the Ribbon Fairy will approve! See them at Etsy.

7. Easter Bunny Peeps

The love of Easter peeps extends to its many of its forms. Among the many types of Easter peeps that Bubba has had brought into the kingdom is trays full of specially shaped peeps. They are in a rainbow array of colors and shaped like adorable little bunnies. They’re absolutely fitting for the Easter parties in the Fairy Kingdom! See a tray full of them at Etsy.

8. Eggs in an Egg

Here’s another delicious Easter candy that Bubba thinks Ruby will approve of. This is a candy box that is shaped and decorated just like an Easter egg. But inside, there are even more Easter eggs, tiny and brightly colored, just waiting to be plucked out of the chocolate box to be enjoyed. Just watch out, it appears an Easter bunny butt is in the air; he might have dived in to nibble a treat or two! See it at Etsy.

9. Baskets of Candies

When it comes to candy in the Fairy Kingdom, more is better! That’s why these beautiful pink baskets, stuffed to the brim with all sorts of different Easter candies, will be a big hit among the kingdom’s fairies. There’s so many different candies inside, from chocolate eggs, to marshmallow peeps and more, that a single fairy might have trouble carrying it all back home. See them at Etsy.

10. Soft Candy Bunnies

Finally, these pastel-colored rainbow bunnies are a symbol of the kingdom’s best candy-makers’ skill in crafting some delicious candies for Easter. These absolutely adorable, soft candies have been carefully shaped to look like chubby, long-eared Easter bunnies. They’re probably stuffed with delicious chocolate or jam inside. Whatever it is, a fairy might find them too cute to eat! See them at Etsy.

The Easter festivities in the Fairy Kingdom are sure to be a hit with all of these delicious finds that Bubba the Jolly Head Candy Taster had been able to find. And just in time for Easter too! The hunt of delicious Easter candies may be over, but the hunt for Easter eggs is still to come!

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