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Find the Prettiest Easter Eggs with Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

tommytinker March 26 featured photo

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy has a very important job to do this Easter: She’s tasked to make sure that all the Easter eggs are as pretty as can be! Ruby’s expertise is making sure that the Fairy Kingdom’s candies and sweets are given the most beautiful wrappings ever. So during Easter, it’s also up to her to make sure she finds some of the prettiest decorated eggs. It’s such an important celebration in the Fairy Kingdom, after all!

Ruby will be searching far and wide for some of the loveliest Easter eggs that a fairy or a magical Easter bunny would be happy to find this Easter. Have a look at these!

tommytinker March 26 1-51. The Gilded Eggs

Ruby’s eyes caught onto these beautiful, shining Easter eggs. They’re covered in swirls of brilliant gold and dark rose, shining so brightly all in a row that they look like treasures! Imagine pulling apart the branches of some bushes and seeing these shine in the sun during an Easter egg hunt! See them at Etsy.

2. The Glittering Iron Tail Eggs

If fairies and Easter bunnies are looking for eggs that would be difficult to find, these Easter eggs will do very nicely. They’re iron black in color, and could stay quite hidden. But when the sun shines on their golden glitters, they almost look like little patches of night sky! See them at Etsy.

3. Glittering Rainbow Eggs

But it is springtime, after all, and Ruby also needs to make sure there are eggs that would blend in with the rainbows and blossoms. These beautiful eggs come in all colors of the rainbow and absolutely covered in fairydust. They certainly will be more magical than regular Easter eggs! Get them at Etsy.

4. The Marble Eggs

These Easter eggs are a sight to behold. They’re beautifully marbled with white swirls, making it appear as though they were filled with magical potion. What could be inside these eggs? Perhaps some magical springtime fairy potions for happiness, growth, or new life! See them at Etsy.

5. The Bunnies’ Eggs

These lovely Easter eggs are extra special: they’re covered in dots and stripes and other lovely patterns. They stand out so perfectly in the white basket that they’ve been lovingly collected in. The Easter bunnies next to them must be standing guard; no touching until the big egg hunt! See it at Etsy.

tommytinker March 26 6-106. The Brilliant Baskets

Ruby would absolutely approve of these brilliant, breathtaking baskets. The eggs are all shining in metallic blue and pink, with bowls to match. The bowls themselves are adorned with golden lace or bright silver ribbons and swirls. They’re such beautifully shiny baskets that anyone would be glad to receive them. See them at Etsy.

7. Easter Blossom Egg

Is it a basket of flowers? No, it’s an Easter egg! This absolutely beautiful egg is covered in spring blossoms and topped with a fresh green ribbon. It’s the perfect egg to celebrate the beauty of springtime and the celebrations of Easter in one egg! Get it at Etsy.

8. The Lace Eggs

These Easter bunnies have some extra special Easter eggs: each egg features the most ornate lacy pattern all over their shells. In a way, they match the lovely knitted sweaters that the bunnies themselves are wearing! These delicate lace eggs will be a joy to behold on Easter. See them at Amazon.

9. The Royal Fairy Eggs

These eggs are some of the most spectacular that the fairy kingdom has ever seen! They’re made of gold, so very intricately detailed in blossoms and gems, and even have fairies and bunnies protecting them. Such extravagant eggs are ideal for a royal Easter celebration. See them at Etsy.

10. The Magic Majestic Eggs

When it comes to eggs for fairy royalty, these are some eggs that would definitely be worth giving to King Henry and Queen Olivia. They’re covered in gold décor, brilliant ribbons in red, green, blue, and yellow, and each look like a jewel on their own. Ruby might be quite happy to present these to the king and Queen! See them at Etsy.

Ruby is thrilled to have you join her in searching for these beautiful eggs. Everyone in the kingdom will be thrilled to see them and how lovely they are once Easter is here!

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