Fairy Activities that Children Will Love

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Amazing Fairy Activities for Kids

The fairies have devoted today’s post to telling you about some magical activities which your children  might enjoy. If they have been at home, they might be finding the time long, and you might be wondering what new adventures that you can offer them from home. The fairy merchants have located eight possibilities and have asked me, Tommy Tinker, to present them to you. I am happy to take you on today’s walk through. And, once I’ve shown you these eight amazing kits/activities, I hope that you’ll continue to spend some time reading about more fairy magic.

1. A Magical Boat Adventure
Schleich bayala Sera's Magical Flower Boat 19-piece Imaginative Playset
2. A Royal Mermaid Adventure
SCHLEICH Royal Seashell Carriage
3. Magical Fairy Lantern Craft
Fairy Nightlight Lantern Craft Kit (2 Pack) - DIY Make Your Own Fairy Lantern Jar - Craft Project for Kids - Great Gift Fairy Lantern 2 Pack
4. Fairy Garden Kit
Fairy Garden Starter Kit Petunia Place

A Magical Boat Adventure

Sera’s magical flower boat kit has nineteen pieces to inspire imaginative play and is suggested for children between the ages of five and twelve. Some patience and parental assistance may be required but getting to enjoy activities as  a family is something that makes memories. This set can be found on Amazon.

A Royal Mermaid Adventure

If you’re a frequent visitor to Fairy Land, then you know about King Henry and Queen Olivia. What you may not be aware is that there is another royal world that takes place under the sea. Mermaid Isabelle and Merman Aryon want to take you on a magical ride in a seashell carriage. There is even an adorable seahorse that is included. It is available on Amazon.

Magical Fairy Lantern Craft

Getting a chance to create a fairy themed lantern jar is something that all the fairies here in Fairy Land are excited about. Fairies love to turn out the lights and sit in the dark and relax in the lantern light. They think that you might enjoy this calming activity too once your lanterns have been assembled. A two-pack lantern craft kit is available on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Kit

Fairy gardening is another awesome activity which both children and adults can enjoy. There are numerous kits available including this one from Etsy about the petunia place. It has different options, including whether or not it comes with a container, so the fairy merchants suggest that you always read about a product before making a purchase. The petunia place kit include fairies, stepping stones, fairy utensils, fairy food and lots of other interesting items.

1. Princess Painting Set
Paint Your Own Kit Princess - PYO Activity - Kids Painting Activity - DIY Painting Kits for Kids
2. An Adventure Full of Surprises
Magical Fairy Adventure - Fun Activities, Surprises, and Clues Magically Appear in an Enchanted Fairy House
3. Fairy Doorway Kit
My Fairy Doorways – Butterfly
4. Enjoy a Magical Tea Party
Pretty in Purple Butterfly Teaset

Princess Painting Set

Fairies love to paint and they think that some children may also find this a wonderful pastime. Did you know that there are princesses in Fairy Land? The fairies found a painting kit that features a magical princess. This kit is available on Etsy.

An Adventure Full of Surprises

The next item that the fairy merchants found is full of fairy themed surprises. It includes activities and clues inside of an enchanted fairy house. It is available on Amazon. The fairies hope that this can help children have hours of fun.

Fairy Doorway Kit

Fairies love flying through fairy doors and finding which humans have a magical fairy door in their garden. There are supplies available so that children can have their own magical fairy doorway. A butterfly doorway kit can be found on Amazon.

Enjoy a Magical Tea Party

Fairies love to have tea parties and they know that children will enjoy having a tea party too. That’s why they found a beautiful purple tea set with butterflies on it on Etsy. I just came from the palace and they were hosting a beautiful spring tea. I took a minute to have a cup of raspberry tea. It was delicious, as was the chocolate scone that I ate.

I love living in Fairy Land and I hope that you and your children get an opportunity to spend some time here with us. Please visit the Tommy Tinker Store for fairy product ideas and weekly columns from me, Tommy Tinker, and my fairy friends. We can even teach you and your children how to pretend to be a fairy.

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Just a disclaimer – We have partnered with these companies because we use their products and/or proudly trust and endorse them – so we do receive a commission if you make a purchase or sign up for services. Often, we are able to negotiate special discounts and/or bonuses, which we will pass on to you via our links. We often get short notice on sale items available for 24-48 hours as we will pass these savings onto you.

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

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