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Explore a Magical Fairy Bakery with Tommy and Bubba

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Explore a Magical Fairy Bakery

Welcome back to Tommy Tinker’s Store. My name is Tommy Tinker and it is my job to help fix things around Fairy Land. But today I’m going to be taking you on a magical adventure. My friend Bubba loves to bake and so he is going to accompany us on a trip to the bakery. My niece Susan’s birthday is coming up and I want to choose some sweets for a little party I’m going to be having for her.

1. Magical Cakes
Lime Cake With Yummy Fruit On Top, Fairy Garden Cake, Dollhouse, Green Fruit Cake, Miniature, Mini, Fairy Garden Goodies, Mini Bakery
2. Incredible Decorations
Red Rose Cupcakes, Fairy Cupcakes, Dollhouse Red Rose Cupcakes, Fairy Garden Goodies, Red Rose Cupcakes, Red Rose, Yummy Cupcakes
3. Elevated Flavors
Chocolate Or Pink Strawberry Cake , Fairy Cakes, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Food, Miniature Cakes, Yummy Cakes, Fairy Food
4. Assorted Desserts
Fairy Garden Fairy Sweet Treats, Miniature, Dollhouse, Heart Donut, Yellow Macaroon, Strawberry Donut, Cute Donuts, Fairy Food, Fairy Sweets

Magical Cakes

The bakery is absolutely stunning and the first thing that caught our eyes when we walked in were the amazing cakes in the display case at the front of the bakery. We decided to show you how delicious the lime cake with a fruit garnish looked. It can be found on Etsy.

 Incredible Decorations

Next, we decided to get some cupcakes with beautiful red roses on top. You can find a replica of them on Etsy (the price is per cupcake). I know that Susan is going to love these at her party.

Elevated Flavors

I’m going to have lots of guests at the party and some of them really love elevated flavors. I chose chocolate and strawberry miniature cakes which will have delicious drizzled decorations on top. You can find them on Etsy.

Assorted Desserts

We also found some amazing looking platters of assorted desserts including donuts with splendid decorations and macaroons. I can’t wait to have a taste of them. Your fairy visitors can enjoy them too. They can be found on Etsy.

1. Romantic Date Treats
Jelly Roll with 2 Champagne Glasses, Yummy Jelly Roll and Champagne Glasses, Miniature, Pink, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Food, Heart
2. Seasonal Delights
Fairy Starbucks Coffee Break, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Fairy, Dollhouse, Miniature Pastries, White Ceramic Plates, Orange Pumpkins
3. Spooktacular Brownies
Dollhouse Miniature Halloween Ghost Brownies on Tray - 1:12 Dollhouse Miniature Halloween Food
4. Beautiful Cake Decorations
Miniature Rainbow Cake ,Miniature Cake, Miniature Sweet,Dollhouse cake,Dolls and miniature

Romantic Date Treats

The bakery also had a beautiful assortment of treats that we didn’t choose for the party but that we admired anyway. One of those items was a romantic date package that included champagne and delicious pink jelly rolls. They can be found on Etsy.

Seasonal Delights

Each season the bakery works hard to create some special treats. For autumn one of their selections includes pumpkins and Starbucks coffee. This is something that any fairy garden visitor might enjoy. Pumpkin and pumpkin spice season is something that the wee folk look forward to all year long. You can find these treats on Etsy.

Spooktacular Brownies

We saw the cutest Spooktacular brownies while we were in the bakery. They had some sort of magical icing that looked like ghosts sitting on top of each brownie. There were lots of really intriguing Halloween dessert items. I think the bakery is going to see a lot of business when it comes time for everyone’s Happy Halloween parties. Find these ghostly treats on Etsy.

Beautiful Cake Decorations

The final dessert that we’d like to share with you today is a special miniature rainbow cake with the words ‘Happy Birthday’ piped on top. As a fairy seamstress, Susan loves the way that colors are blended together, so I know that this cake is perfect for her. And it will be a nice surprise since the layers of color are only visible once the cake is cut into. A replica is available on Etsy.

We hope that you have enjoyed your trip to the Magical Fairy Bakery with Bubba and me. It’s been a successful trip and lots of fun to discover.  Please stay and look around Tommy Tinker’s Store. There is more magic for you to discover. Consider reaching out to us on social media or on Bloglovin’.

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