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Every Fairy Could Use a Dragon for Christmas

I’m Tommy Tinker and Queen Olivia asked me to give you a public service announcement as her chief communications officer had some other business to attend to. If you’re visiting Fairy Land, don’t be surprised to see some dragons flying around. There’s no need to be afraid of them, they’ve been tamed by the gentle care of the fairies and a little bit of fairy dust. Join us on this magical tour to discover where every fairy could use a dragon for Christmas. And, after you’ve been on this adventure, there are more for you on my homepage.

1. Dragons are Great Transportation
Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Mini Red Dragon Figurine
2. Dragons Inspire Creativity
StealStreet Purple Dragon On Rock Fantasy Figurine
3. Dragons Help with Literacy
Top Collection Miniature Fairy Garden and Terrarium Mini Dragon Reading Figurine
4. Dragons are Good Listeners
Terrarium Mini Dragon Statue, Small

Dragons are Great Transportation

Fairies have wings to help them fly, so why do they need a dragon for transportation, you ask? Fairies can fly long distances and even use fairy magic to transport them to many interesting places, but baby and child’s fairies wings are not yet strong enough to do this. And, they haven’t gained all their magical powers yet, so dragons are great transportation for the youngest fairies or for family vacations. At Christmas time, it is especially nice to be able to go and visit fairy family and friends. You can find your own dragon on Amazon.

Dragons Inspire Creativity

Dragons are great friends to the fairy community. They also have the ability to help inspire fairies. Being the fairy tinkerer and having to fix a lot of things around the kingdom, and sometimes on special missions around the world, I need to come up with a lot of creative solutions. Earlier this year, Queen Olivia gifted me with my very own dragon. She’s wonderful at helping me come up with ideas. Sometimes, it is when we’re just relaxing in my back yard or when I’m giving her a bath, that something will pop into my head. I am very thankful for her help. If you’d like a little dragon to help you, visit Amazon.

Dragons Help with Literacy

There are some dragons who live throughout the Fairy Kingdom that love to read and they help improve literacy. When there are fairy believers who need a little help with reading, a reading fairy and a dragon go to visit. Just seeing the dragon is enough to surprise the human; but it also opens them up to asking for help to get better at reading. I’ve been told that this is a very magical experience. I hope to be able to see it with my own eyes one day soon. A miniature replica of one of our reading dragons can be found on Amazon.

Dragons are Good Listeners

Dragons are also good listeners. This is very important in the Fairy Community because there are often a lot of secrets that need to be kept, because we wouldn’t want how we do our magic to get into the wrong hands. But often we are involved in something so wonderful that we want to be able to share it with everyone. Our dragons will listen to what we have to say but won’t tell anyone. It keeps the fairy secrets safe. Want to tell a dragon a secret, this little green dragon replica would be perfect for you. You can buy it on Amazon.

2. Dragons Help their Fairies
Amy Brown Get Out of My Tub Cup Fairy Dragon Fantasy Art Figurine Collectible 6.25 inch
3. Dragons are Intuitive
Fairy Collection Crystal Ball LED Light Figure Decoration Collectible by George S. Chen Imports
4. Dragons Always Greet You
Fairy Home with Dragon

Dragons are Protectors

In addition to helping protect secrets, dragons can help to protect their fairies. They are especially appreciated by families who have children who are still learning about the dangers of the human world when they get the opportunities to venture out and discover believers and non-believers. Dragons can also be used to protect items like special treasure maps or treasure chests. Dragons rarely breathe fire but have the ability to when needed. The little blue dragon pictured above is even wearing armour. Want to own him? Visit Amazon.

Dragons Help their Fairies

Dragons also like to help their fairies. The dragon sitting in the teacup above is the exact same colour as his fairy so that they can blend in when needed. The dragon also makes a wonderful cup of tea for when his fairy needs a break. They are good friends and go everywhere together. If you’d like a miniature replica of this touching moment, you can find it on Amazon.

Dragons are Intuitive

Dragons are smart and intuitive, and these skills make them a welcome part of any family. My dragon works just like a doorbell alerting me when someone has come to visit. This is very helpful because as the Head Fairy Tinkerer, I get lots of visitors. Some dragons can also predict what is going to happen in the future. Want your own replica of a fairy and crystal ball? Shop Amazon now.

Dragons Always Greet You

And, my favourite thing about a dragon? They are loving and kind and always greet you when you get home, even if you choose not to take them to work with you. Some fairies own dogs or cats, I prefer to own a dragon. If you’d like to own this little fairy cottage with a dragon, waiting to greet you, visit Amazon.

Now that you know why every fairy could use a dragon for Christmas, I hope you’re deciding which one you’ll get your fairy this year. Also make sure to keep coming back to visit us so that you can find out what’s new with me, Tommy Tinker.

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