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Discover a brand new enchanted collection of merchandise with Tommy Tinker and his incredible dragon friends.

Tommy Tinker and his dragon Bert love reading. This is clear to see when you look at their photo on this enchanted apron. Aprons are great for a variety of activities including cooking, baking, crafting, painting, and gardening.

Meet Herbie the blue dragon. In this amazing design, Tommy Tinker is training Herbie so that they can do their work in harmony and without frightening all the people that Tommy Tinker helps to serve. You can find their image on this beautiful tote bag.

In this adorable design, Tommy Tinker is enjoying some leisure time with two cute baby dragons. They are riding their bicycles together. We’re sharing this design on a zipper pouch. Available in multiple sizes, with a sturdy zipper, you can choose to use these for a number of uses including holding art supplies, stickers, notes, makeup and more.

Tommy Tinker also enjoys getting together with other fairies so that they can enjoy flying together. In this design, Tommy is flying with a fairy and an orange dragon. This design like all of the designs in Tommy’s incredible collections are available on many items. We decided so show you the pet blanket.

Even shower or bath time can come with a magical experience with Tommy Tinker and his dragon pals. In this sparkly design on a black background, Tommy Tinker is giving a baby dragon a pat on the head. Enjoy this shower curtain.

This throw pillow has another incredible Tommy Tinker design on it. In this one a blue dragon and a yellow dragon keep him company while they play a game. You can get the pillow and cover or the cover only.

This magical design is showcased on a sticker that is available in many sizes and with several finishing options. Find Tommy Tinker flying on a purple dragon with some balloons.

Zoozie is a fairy friend of Tommy Tinker’s. In this design, she is with her pet dragon Sugar Sweet. Zoozie and Sugar Sweet are featured on a set of coasters.

Join us again in two weeks. This time Tommy is going to give you his favorite list of vacation spots

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