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Discover Some Magical Holiday Treats to Share With Fairy Friends

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Holiday Treats

Hello Friends, thank you for coming to visit me here in Tommy Tinker’s Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and today we’re going to discover some magical holiday treats that you can share with your fairy and wee folk friends.

And thinking about delicious treats, the Wee Folk are also launching a magical cookbook. Watch our video to learn more and send your recipes to ideas@prtfg.com or submit online here. Let’s see how international the Wee Folks can make this special community project. We’re looking for recipes for the following categories: Cold Weather Comfort Food, International, Appetizers, Desserts, Drinks, and Christmas. Do you have an amazing recipe, but it doesn’t fit into these categories? Send it to us anyway and we’ll find a way to feature it in this incredible winter wonderland cookbook. We hope to release a new cookbook for every season to keep the magic flowing.

1. A Magical Fairy Feast
Fairy Garden Short Fat Cute Christmas Tree, Miniature, Dollhouse, Penguin, Gingerbread, Snowballs, Green, Ceramic Plate, Candy Cane, Red
2. Peppermint Hot Cocoa
Miniature Christmas Hot Chocolate Drink - Dolls House Miniature Food - Winter for Doll House 1:12 Scale - Made in the UK
3. Perfect Tree Ornament
Star Jam Biscuit - Necklace/Charm/Keychain - Winter/Christmas Jewellery - Handmade in UK with Polymer Clay
4. Gingerbread Treats
Christmas miniature gingerbread cookies

A Magical Fairy Feast

The fairies wouldn’t mind having a whole feast that was only sweets. They have magical powers that can let them eat like that. We found a miniature Christmas tree, gingerbread person, penguin, and snowball delights that your friends might want to enjoy. Find them on Etsy.

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

We found the tiniest cup of hot chocolate that had a candy cane in it. We know that the wee folk throughout Fairy Land will enjoy these minty flavored beverages. Find them on Etsy.

Perfect Tree Ornament

We found a Christmas tree ornament that looks like a star jam biscuit. It can also be made into a necklace, charm, or keychain. It can be found on Etsy.

Gingerbread Treats

Gingerbread treats are so much fun because they can be found in an assortment of magical shapes. We found some that were gingerbread people, stars, Christmas trees and stockings on Etsy.

1. Magical Gingerbread and Candy House
Dollhouse Miniature Clay Gingerbread House Candy Sweet Food Christmas A Supply Charms 13778
2. Christmas Tea
Christmas Santa Mini Miniature Resin Teaset includes 1 Tray, 1 Teapot and 4 Tea Cups Stocking Stuffer
3. Waiting Up For Santa
Dollhouse Christmas, Miniature Christmas, miniature hot chocolate with cookies, night before Christmas book, 1/12th scale Christmas.
4. Christmas Cake
Realistic miniature food, luxury Xmas handmade doll house food, miniature Christmas food, miniature iced panettone on ceramic cake stand.

Magical Gingerbread and Candy House

Making gingerbread and candy houses is so much fun. We love making them here in Fairy Land. You can find one that has been created and is ready for your fairy garden table on Etsy.

Christmas Tea

The Wee Folk love to have special teas. A Christmas tea is extra special. We found a rare find tea set that includes a tray, teapot and four teacups. The tea pot is shaped like Santa Claus. If you’d like to own it, act fast as there is only one available. It is on Etsy.

Waiting Up For Santa

We found a miniature Night Before Christmas book, cup of hot cocoa and some cookies. It is the perfect snack and book to enjoy if someone is waiting up for Santa Claus. But know that he knows if you’re awake or sleeping. He wants all the children to be in bed before he comes so he can keep his magic a secret. Learn more on Etsy.

Christmas Cake

We found a special Christmas dessert on Etsy. It is an iced panettone that is on a ceramic cake stand. Doesn’t it look delicious?

Thank you for coming to Tommy Tinker’s Store. We hope that you’ll visit again soon. Don’t forget to send us your recipe. Our cookbook is going to be very magical. More exciting news from Fairy Land is coming soon, so keep watching for it.

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