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Delicious Treats For A Great Autumn And Halloween

Tommy Tinker is inviting you to join him on his quest for delicious treats to enjoy for a great autumn and Halloween. As you know fairies love sweets and Tommy Tinker is no exception. He wants to ensure there are plenty of options for everyone.

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halloween swirl lollipops, miniature, fairy garden, dollhouse

Halloween Swirl Lollipops

These delicious Halloween swirl lollipops are sure to please the fairies. They’re so detailed and tasty looking. Tommy Tinker cannot wait to hand these out on Halloween night. Learn more here.

halloween cookies, spiders, pumpkins, eyeballs, fairy garden, miniature, dollhouse

Haunted Halloween Cookies

Are you looking for a soft, delicious cookie to enjoy as part of your haunted Halloween celebration? Tommy Tinker had Bubba, the head candy taster/baker make some special ones at his bakery, that have spiders, eyeballs, or pumpkins on them. Learn more here.

halloween orange and purple sodas, fairy garden, miniature, dollhouse

Halloween Orange and Purple Sodas

These fun-flavored orange and purple sodas are great for Halloween. They’re a special treat not enjoyed at any other time of the year in Fairy Land. This is one treat the fairies look forward to all year long. Learn more here.

halloween fairy cat trick or treat, fairy garden, minatare, dollhouse

Complete Halloween Meal

This complete Halloween meal is perfect for fairies who are busy during the Halloween season as it is quick and easy. There is a hotdog, apple, beverage, and donut to be enjoyed. This would also make a great Halloween picnic. Learn more here.

a halloween party is waiting for you, fairy garden, dollhouse, miniature

Decadent Fairy Desserts

This table is laden with decadent desserts for the fairies to enjoy during Halloween. King Henry and Queen Olivia have ordered up several different kinds of replenishing plates of desserts from their royal kitchen and Bubba. There are squares, cookies, donuts, and lollipops as well as many other delightful surprises. Learn more here.

halloween stripe candies, dollhouse, miniature, fairy garden

Colorful Candy Sticks

These magical candy sticks are perfect for enjoying as part of your Halloween goodie bags. If you don’t have time to get all your bags ready in time for Halloween, a little fairy magic can help you along the way. Learn more here.

halloween party for fairy witches, miniatures, fairy garden, dollhouse

Ready for Halloween Treat Kit

This enchanted scene is part of a ready-for-Halloween treat scene kit. The fairies are going to have beverages, snacks, decorations, and even some fairy dust to help them on their magical journey. This kit can help them get ready for Halloween with ease. Learn more here.

halloween party for fairy witches, miniatures, fairy garden, dollhouse

Beautiful Halloween Candy Bowl

This beautiful Halloween candy bowl is filled with delicious treats that are sure to make your guests excited for this sweet season. Learn more here.

Tommy Tinker hopes that you’ve enjoyed this sweet adventure. He invites you to join him again in two weeks for more enchanted magic. In the meantime, you can also visit him on social media.

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