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Decorate for Autumn With Tommy Tinker

Decorate for Autumn With Tommy Tinker

Hello fairy friends. Autumn is almost here and I, Tommy Tinker have decided to share some tips and ideas for creating a wonderfully decorated porch I have an amazing porch at my cottage in Fairy Land. I love to sit on it and enjoy good conversations and tasty treats with friends. After you explore my suggestions for porch décor, I hope that you’ll take some time to continue discovering Tommy Tinker’s Store. It is filled with inspiring fairy magic.

Tommy Tinker and Porch Decorations
1. Radiant Red Pumpkins
Fall Red Pumpkins, Fairy Garden Red Pumpkin, Farmhouse Theme Fairy Garden Red Pumpkin, Dollhouse, Miniature, Terrarium, Fall Pumpkin
2. Orange and Green Decorative Pumpkins
Green and Orange Pumpkins, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Green Pumpkin, Orange Pumpkins, Miniature, Halloween
3. Festive Harvest Cart
Fairy Garden Fairy Fall Harvest Cart, Miniature, Plant, Pot, Butterfly, Rabbit, Bird, Pumpkins, Radish, Crate, Fairy, Fairy Garden, Fairy
4. Candy Décor
Bright Lollipops, Fairy Garden Goodies, Dollhouse Candies, Miniature Lollipops, Fairy Garden Bright Oversized Lollipops, DIY

Radiant Red Pumpkins

Have a look at the gorgeous red pumpkins in the photo above. Aren’t they astounding? They would look amazing sitting on your porch. You receive one pumpkin when you order. There are several in the photo to give you an idea of what your porch would look like filled with pumpkins. And, of course, pumpkins are also great for using in the kitchen to to make delicious dishes. Visit your local pumpkin patch to find one that is perfect for a pie, cake, or cookies. You can find these decorative red pumpkins on Etsy at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Store.

Orange and Green Decorative Pumpkins

Another great choice for your porch décor are some green and orange pumpkins. They would also look nice in an arrangement with the red pumpkins. You receive two pumpkins (an orange and green one, and an orange one) along with some autumn leaves when you purchase this item. The other items in the photo such as the logs and crate are just ideas of ways that you can display your autumn pumpkins. Find your miniature pumpkins on Etsy at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Store.

Festive Harvest Cart

A decorative harvest cart is another way of brightening up your porch for this autumn season. This incredible cart comes with plenty of magical items including a plant, a butterfly, a rabbit, a bird, pumpkins, and a crate. Full details are available on Etsy at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Store.

Candy Décor

Candy is also part of autumn because of Halloween especially. Consider using some miniature lollipop decorations to create a magical look on your porch this autumn. There are several lollipops pictured but the price is for one of them. Find these sweet lollipops on Etsy at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Store.

Miniature Autumn Porch Decor
1. Haunted Halloween Scene
Halloween Fairy Cat Trick Or Treat, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Halloween, Ceramic Plate, Orange, Hotdog, Fairy Halloween DIY Dollhouse
2. Amazing Autumn Fairy
Autumn Pumpkin Fairy Amy Brown Fantasy Collection Orange Wings
3. One of a Kind Fairy House
Large Fairy House – Autumn
4. Happy Fall Sign
Happy Fall, thanksgiving decor, thanksgiving decal, pumpkin decor, fall decoration, autumn love, autumn decor, front porch sign, porch decal

Haunted Halloween Scene

Consider creating a haunted Halloween scene on your porch. Teelie’s Fairy Garden Store on Etsy has several incredible options including this one that includes Halloween cookies, an apple, autumn leaves, a Halloween sign, an orange pumpkin, and a cat fairy Halloween bag. You might also decide to use a Halloween or autumn scene to create a magical fairy garden on your porch.

Amazing Autumn Fairy

Consider inviting some fairies to make their homes on your porch and in your gardens. Beautiful autumn decorations and autumn flowers will make your residence a very attractive option for a fairy like the amazing Autumn Pumpkin Fairy pictured above. She can be found on Etsy.

One of a Kind Fairy House

Fairies love things that are one of a kind and a magical fairy house that is as unique and gorgeous as the fairies who will make it home, is a great way of decorating your porch. Add some candy or other sweet treat and you’ll have fairies lined up to decide who is going to make a home with you. Find this incredible fairy house on Etsy.

Happy Fall Sign

Signs are another great option when it comes to decorating your porch. My suggestion to you when you are choosing a sign is to select something that warms your heart and makes you happy. Consider both the words on the sign and its visual look so that your porch’s magic really shines. I liked this wooden sign that says Happy Fall. It is available on Etsy along with several other signs offered in different colors and styles.

Thank you for taking some time to look at enchanted autumn decorations with me. I hope that there are some that have helped to inspire the decoration of your own porch. Please stay and look around Tommy Tinker’s Store. There is more magic for you to discover. Consider reaching out to us on social media or on Bloglovin’ for a chance to give us your feedback and tell us about your awesome autumn décor.

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