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Create An Exciting And Whimsical Irish Fairy Garden

This week Tommy Tinker is creating an exciting and whimsical Irish Fairy Garden in Fairy Land. It will be a place that his friends can visit to enjoy the upcoming St. Patrick’s season. Tommy was recently in Ireland with his niece Susan. You can learn more about their adventure in one of Teelie Turner’s incredible books. Learn more in the book trailer.


Classic Home and Garden 70 Whiskey Barrel, 15″-“Home, Distressed Oak

Start With a Container

Unless you’re putting your fairy garden directly in the ground, you’re going to need a container. For his Irish Fairy Garden, Tommy Tinker selected this whiskey barrel planter that has the word ‘Home’ on it. He chose it for several reasons including how important his friends in Ireland’s homes were to them. He’s glad he was able to be there to help them. Learn more about the container Tommy chose here.

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Include Ambiance

You can add some ambiance around the creation of your fairy garden by using some lights. These battery-operated shamrock lights are perfect for Tommy’s fairy garden. When you choose your lights, just be sure that they can be used in the environment where you’re putting them. In Fairy Land, Tommy Tinker has fewer restrictions because he can use his magical fairy dust to solve problems. Find the shamrock lights here.

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Add Dirt, Stones, and Other Magical Touches

You’ll need to add dirt to your container before you start gardening. Then it will be time to select some of the accents that you want for your fairy garden such as small rocks, stones, and mosses. We’ve included some rocks and mosses for you to choose from. For his fairy garden, Tommy Tinker is focusing more on green because it is the most common color associated with St. Patrick’s Day. Learn more here.

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Add Your Plants

It is now time to choose your plants for your fairy garden. Tommy Tinker is going to be using real plants in his garden, but he wanted to show you this selection of faux succulents that look like the real plants he is using in his garden. These plants are highly realistic and will create fewer issues when it comes to shipping than real plants. Learn more here.

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Select Your Fairy Companions

There are numerous options when it comes to choosing the fairies that are going to live in your Irish garden. Tommy Tinker chose this magical selection of a king and queen and an enchanted hedgehog. There is even a sign that reads ‘Fairies Reign Here.’ These fairies reminded Tommy of his friends King Henry and Queen Olivia. The Queen is also wearing an amazing green dress. Learn more here.

Miniature Fairy Garden Furniture Set: Leaf Bistro Set with Tea Set for Fairies and Garden Gnomes

Choose Furniture

Now you might be ready to start thinking about the furniture that’ll go in your fairy garden. There are no right or wrong answers, just what feels right to you. Tommy Tinker chose a green-leaf bistro set that includes a purple tea set. Learn more here.

Rainbow Unicorn Set: Mother Unicorn (Alana) and Daughter Unicorn (Penelope) Miniatures Unicorn Figurines for Your Fairy Garden by GlitZGlam

Expand on Your Theme

You can expand on the theme that you chose for your fairy garden by finding some fairy garden elements that help you to accomplish your goal. Tommy Tinker decided on some unicorns with rainbow manes because rainbows are important in Ireland when it comes to finding the pot of gold. The unicorns’ names are Alana and Penelope. Learn more here.

Fairy Garden Tree – Theodore The Owl’s Miniature Tree (9.5 Inch Tall) for The Garden Fairies and Garden Gnomes – Part of The Beautiful Azarian Collection by GlitZGlam. A Fairy Garden Accessory

Include a Fairy House

A fairy house is also a great option for your fairy garden. Tommy Tinker chose a tree house with some enchanted owls in it for his whimsical Irish fairy garden. He chose the tree house because of the work he’d done in Ireland when he was there to save the homes of the Wee Folk. Learn more about the tree house that Tommy chose here.

You can find other options for your fairy garden in this video.


Thank you for helping Tommy Tinker as he created his amazing Irish Fairy Garden. We hope that you’ve enjoyed being here in Fairy Land as much as we’ve enjoyed your company. You can use Tommy’s ideas to help you come up with your own creative Irish Day Fairy Garden.  Please continue to explore our website and visit us on social media.

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