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Create a Miniature Fairy Garden with Tommy Tinker Accessories

The weekend is fast approaching and what better way to spend time with friends and family than to be inspired by your favorite fairy tale and build your own fairy garden? If you’re already a Tommy Tinker fan, you can create a miniature fairy garden with Tommy Tinker accessories that will bring to life the story in the book. Today, let’s explore the many Tommy Tinker fairy garden accessories that you can add to your collection.

Create a Miniature Fairy Garden with Tommy Tinker Accessories

  1. Tommy Tinker’s Magical Fairy Garden

One of the very first things you’ll need to create a Tommy Tinker-inspired fairy garden is to have his very own fairy door! This magical fairy door was commissioned by King Henry and Queen Olivia just for Tommy Tinker. This set also includes a number of fairy garden accessories such as his tools and work table!

  1. Tommy Tinker’s Tools And Pet Owl Ziggy

As the official Tinker fairy of the Fairy Kingdom, Tommy Tinker needs to always be ready with his tools. This set of fairy garden accessories features detailed miniatures of his tools and his ever friendly pet owl Ziggy.

  1. Tommy Tinker’s Tools and Pet Owl Herbie

Did you know that Tommy Tinker is very talented in tinkering and fixing things? That’s why he always has his tools handy when needed. To help him keep track of all of them, his pet owl Herbie makes sure nothing gets misplaced.

  1. Tommy Tinker The Tinker Fairy Visits The King and Queen

Here we have Tommy Tinker himself as he sits on a beautiful green velvet throne with gold painted trim. This is where he waits to see his good friends, King Henry and Queen Olivia.

  1. The King And Queen Of The Fairy Kingdom

Of course, a Tommy Tinker inspired fairy garden won’t be complete without King Henry and Queen Olivia themselves! Tommy Tinker is very loyal to his rulers who he often visits in their castle.

Create a Miniature Fairy Garden with Tommy Tinker Accessories

  1. Miniature Bundle of Wood, Woodpile

As a Tinker fairy, Tommy Tinker must always have supplies for him to work. This miniature woodpile would be great for your fairy garden, so that Tommy Tinker will never run out of materials for his work.

  1. Miniature Tool Set

Tommy Tinker loves tools, which is why he has multiple sets! Different challenges call for different types of tools, thus his massive tool collection.

  1. Rustic Tools, 3 Piece Set for Fairy Garden

Tommy Tinker is also quite a talented gardener. He likes to keep his fairy garden tidy, which is why he has these rustic garden tools passed down to him by his father.

  1. Adirondack Chair, Natural for Fairy Garden

Tommy Tinker likes a comfortable chair to sit down in after a long day’s work. This miniature Adirondack is perfect for Tommy Tinker, as it is crafted using wood and is something he would most likely make himself!

  1. Fairy Garden Fall Table Display, Mini Tea Set

At the end of the day, Tommy Tinker likes to snack on some donuts that come in his favorite color: green! These sweet treats go well with his other favorite, tea. This charming set is also perfect for Fall and goes well with the other Tommy Tinker inspired fairy garden accessories.


If you loved today’s story and are looking to collect even more fairy garden accessories, head over to Teelie’s Fairy Garden.


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