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Create a Halloween Garden for the Pets around Fairy Land

Halloween pets

Thank you for joining us again at Tommy Tinker’s Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and for the past several weeks we’ve been enjoying Halloween adventures. Today, we’re going to embark on another one. We’re going to talk about Halloween gardens for pets around Fairy Land. They should include several of the same elements that other Halloween gardens have – decorations, treats and lighting. Take a look at this video for some inspiration.

So, what is missing to create an amazing Halloween garden for pets? An assortment of pet visitors of course. That’s why I’m going to introduce you to eight potential visitors that you could invite to make your Halloween garden more festive this year.

Halloween pets
1. Hedgehog Happiness
Fairy Garden Fancy Fairy White Cart Filled With Orange and Purple Pumpkins, Fall Fairy, Harvest, Fall, Miniature, dollhouse, fairy garden
2. Turtle Rides
Fairy Garden Adorable Turtles, Fairy Garden, Fairy Pets, Miniature, Dollhouse, Turtles, Brown, Black Shells, Cute Turtles, Pets
3. Dogs and Pumpkins
Bichon frise sculpture in a pumpkin for Halloween, Halloween decoration, cute bichon frise figurine for a Halloween gift
4. Bunnies Dressing Up
Magical Bunnies, Bunnies, and More Bunnies, Fairy Pets, Fairy Garden Animals, Dollhouse Rabbits, Miniature Bunnies, DIY, Craft Projects

Hedgehog Happiness

A hedgehog would be happy to celebrate Halloween with you. He might bring along his adorable cart that is filled with orange and purple pumpkins. He is also good friends with the Acorn Fairy and might ask her to accompany him to your Halloween garden. Find these charming invitees on Etsy.

Turtle Rides

How about asking a turtle to come to your party? Their slow and steady pace can be comforting. They may be willing to give the ladybugs and snails a ride on their back too during the party. Just make sure to have some salad on your buffet table, although turtles in Fairy Land are exceptional since they can also eat sweet treats. Look for a turtle to invite on Etsy.

Dogs and Pumpkins

Dogs are also great visitors when it comes to holding a Halloween event. They’re great conservationists and love to perform party tricks. The bichon frise pictured above cannot wait to join the party. She decided to dress up as a pumpkin and is extremely adorable. Say hello to her by visiting Etsy.

Bunnies Dressing Up

Bunnies are also on the invitation list for the Magical Pet Halloween Garden Party in Fairy Land. They’ll get dressed up in innovative costumes and come hopping into the garden with express orders to not eat all the vegetables out of the garden which our hosts have yet to harvest. Meet some bunnies who might want to join your Halloween garden on Etsy.

Halloween pets
1. Hoolarious Time with the Owls
Crazy Fun Owls, Fairy Garden, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Pastel Owls, Crafts Projects, DIY, Fairy Pets, Blue Owl, Green Owl, Cute Owls
2. Sweet Unicorns
Sweet Pink And Blue Tiny Unicorns, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Unicorn Love, Pink Unicorn, Blue Unicorn, Cute Unicorns, fairy
3. Magical Black Cat
Black Cat Wearing A Hat With A Stack Of Orange Pumpkins And Mushroom, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Miniature, Mini Garden, Halloween
4. Lovely Ladybugs
5 Miniature Bright Colored Ladybugs, Fairy Garden, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Green, Yellow, Blue, Red, Pink, Blue

Hoolarious Time with the Owls

Inviting the owls to join you at your party will mean that you’ll be able to have a hoolarious time. They love to sing and have wise advice to share. You might even be able to entice one of the owls to read a Halloween poem. The owls can be found on Etsy.

Sweet Unicorns

To enjoy the true magic of Fairy Land, you should invite one of the most magical creatures known to our community – unicorns. These special flying horses are known for doing good deeds, helping the Wee Folk on their missions and being great friends to their owners. These sweet pets are currently spending some time on Etsy.

Magical Black Cat

Would it be Halloween if you didn’t invite at least one black cat to join your Halloween party? The black cat that we have in mind is in an extremely festive mood. He is wearing a witch’s hat and has his own stack of orange pumpkins to offer you, along with some other Halloween goodies. Learn more by visiting Etsy.

If you’d like to know more about the presence of cats in Fairy Land, you might enjoy this video.

Lovely Ladybugs

Also, on the guest list are some lovely ladybugs. Their costumes are very fashionable. They love to fly around and  even though they’re quite shy, you might be able to convince them to dance a jig for you. Find them on Etsy.

Thank you for coming on today’s adventure with me. On behalf of everyone in Fairy Land, we hope that you have an incredible Halloween and that you’re surrounded by magic, wonder and incredible pet visitors. Please continue to visit Tommy Tinker’s Store. There is so much happening. This week five new books are set to be released for your reading pleasure. Some of our exciting launches and programs are also listed below.

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