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Celebrate Hammock Day in Fairy Land

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Hammock Day in Fairy Land

Hello fairy friends. This week I have an incredible and relaxing adventure for us to go on. In celebration of Hammock Day on July 22nd, we’re going to be exploring some different hammocks that fairies enjoy as well as a few activities that can be enjoyed from a hammock. These hammocks would also look amazing in a magical and relaxing fairy garden. After you’ve adventured with us, we hope that you’ll continue to explore Tommy Tinker’s Store. We have a lot of exciting announcements coming up.

1. Magical Floral Hammock
Fairy Garden Miniature Lilac Hammock
2. Magical Red Hammock
Miniature Hammock - Fairy Garden - Garden Accessories - Miniature Garden - Terrarium - Cake Toppers
3. Leaf Hammock
Miniature Green Leaf Hammock, Outdoor Landscaping, Spring Garden, Camping Hammock, Fairy Garden Accessory
4. Magical Hammock Swing
Mini Hammock Swing

Magical Floral Hammock

 Our first miniature hammock is adorable and hangs between two lilacs. The fairies love relaxing here because the lilac fragrance is sensational. It is also comfortable. Find it on Etsy.

Magical Red Hammock

Our next hammock is an appealing red colour. It can be used in a fairy garden or as a cake topper. I shall have to share this one with my friend Bubba. He is the head candy taster at our local candy factory, but he is also an amazing baker. It is available on Etsy.

Leaf Hammock

A cool breeze in the middle of a couple of palm trees on a beach, or in a wooded area while camping, or in a garden, would be great places for a hammock as they are extremely versatile. This one is a vibrant green color and shaped like a leaf. It is also very comfortable. Find it on Etsy.

Magical Hammock Swing

This next hammock is one of my favorites. It is magical looking and made to swing back and forth in. I like to sit here when I’m thinking of ideas. The calm swinging motion seems to help me envision things better. Your fairies would love it if you chose this hammock for them in your fairy garden. It can be found on Etsy.

1. Hammock Bed/Swing
Fairy garden swing | stone garden sculpture | miniature fairy swing | fairy hammock | leaf fairy bed | fairy garden sculpture gardening gift
2. Adventure While Relaxing
Once Upon a Time Miniature Book, Fairy Garden Accessories, Mini Book for Dollhouse Bookshelf or Bookcase, Reading Fairy
3. Fairy Napping
Miniature Fairy Girl Sleep with Wing , Terrarium Figurines Fairy Garden Supplies Terrarium Accessories DIY Miniature Garden
4. Cute Fairy Hammock
Miniature HAMMOCK SWING/Fairy Garden/Dollhouse

Hammock Bed/Swing

Our next hammock is also shaped like a leaf and it would make a delightful bed as well. Just make sure that your fairies have plenty of sunscreen available if they’re going to be napping in the sun. Or, if you really believe in them, they may show you how they get fairy dust from their wings. A magic spell can keep them from getting burnt by the sun’s rays. Find this cute hammock on Etsy.

Adventure While Relaxing

You can adventure to a magical place while staying in your hammock when you read an enchanted book that with take you to incredible places. This tiny book can be placed on or beside a hammock as fairy reading materials. Find it on Etsy.

Fairy Napping

This adorable fairy has had a busy day and is now taking a nap. You may not be able to put this figurine on a miniature hammock, but you could set it beside the hammock in your magical fairy garden. This little fairy is available on Etsy.

Cute Fairy Hammock

Our final hammock for today is cute and comfortable. Fairies would love to sleep in this little hammock when they visit your garden or a magical resting garden. Find it on Etsy.

We hope that you enjoyed seeing these hammocks and feel relaxed. We are very excited in Fairy Land because our magical ‘Meet the Fairies Catalogue/Book of Introductions’ is launching this week. Once it is available, we’ll share the details so that you can sign up for a free PDF download. You can also find us on social media and Bloglovin’ We would also like to invite you to continue visiting Tommy Tinker’s Shop and Fairy Land.

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Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

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