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Celebrate Fairy Gifting Day

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Celebrate Fairy Gifting Day

Hello Fairy Friends, I’m Tommy Tinker and today I’ve invited my friend Githa the Gifting Fairy to tell you about some gifts that fairies would love for Fairy Gifting Day which will happen on September 6th.  I’ll see you at the end of this post. Later I hope that you continue to browse Tommy Tinker’s Store to have a look at our magical fairy clubs and other exciting fairy news.

1. Something Full of Thought
Githa the Gifting Fairy™ Spiral Notebook
2. A Delightful Fairy Beverage
Glitty The Giveaway Fairy Travel Mug
3. Something to Wear
Betsy the Believe Fairy Merchandise
4. A Little Surprise
Mandy The Mermaid™ Coasters (Set of 4)

Something Full of Thought

Hello, my name is Githa and I’m the Gifting Fairy. My busiest day of the year is September 6th. On this day, many fairies leave anonymous gifts for their friends. I’m in charge of helping get them all delivered. I’m fortunate to have a lot of fairy dust that can help me get the job done. And, like Tommy Tinker said, I’m going to fill you in on some of the best gifts for Fairy Gifting Day. Perhaps, you’ll want to get one for your house or garden fairy. A gift that is filled with thought is always a good idea. Perhaps, you could write a special note or poem to your fairy in a spiral notebook like the one shown above with my picture on it. You can find this notebook and my other merchandise on Redbubble.

A Delightful Fairy Beverage

Fairies also love having sweet beverages like fruit flavored tea or hot cocoa. Consider sending your fairy friends a delicious drink in a travel mug to keep it hot and save it from spilling. A travel mug is the perfect solution. Here is one with my friend Glitty the Giveaway Fairy on it. She’s super busy right now helping to orchestrate fairy club giveaways. Learn more about them by following the link at the of this post. You can find fairy travel mugs on Redbubble.

Something to Wear

Our fairies have a wide variety of clothing like hoodies, shirts, leggings, and skirts in their collections of merchandise. We decided to show you Betsy the Believe Fairy’s Merchandise. She also has socks. They’d make a great surprise for your fairy friends. Visit Redbubble for more details.

A Little Surprise

Wrapping up a little item to make a surprise for a fairy friend is what Fairy Gifting Day is all about. It is about showing our friends how we are happy to have them in our lives with a little token of appreciation. These coasters with Mandy the Mermaid on them will make the perfect surprise if your fairy enjoys the magic of mermaids. Find Mandy’s collection and other magical coasters on Redbubble.

1. Delicious Fairy Sweets
Blueberry and Strawberry Cake, Fairy Garden Blueberry/Strawberry Cake, Fairy Goodies, Dollhouse Cake, Miniature Food, Fairy Cake, Cake
2. A Magical Arrangement of Flowers
Sweet Flower Box, Fairy Garden Flower Box, Miniature, Dollhouse, Cute Flower Box, Colorful Flower Box, Fairy Garden, Flowers, Beautiful
3. Enchanted Autumn Décor
Magical Black/Purple Pumpkins, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Dollhouse, Fairy, Fall, Halloween, Farm, Orange Stems, Green Stems, Halloween Garden
4. Fairy Garden Fun
Adorable Lavender Dress Fairy on Swing, Fairy on Swing, Miniature Fairy, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Fairy, Centerpiece Fairy, Fairy Swing

Delicious Fairy Sweets

Fairies are known for their love of sweets. This blueberry and strawberry cake would make them so happy. It is available at Teelie’s Fairy Garden’s Etsy Shop. Let us know in the comments what your favorite flavor of cake is.

A Magical Arrangement of Flowers

Fairies also love flowers and these sweet flower boxes make a great gift for fairy friends. They are available at Teelie’s Fairy Garden Etsy Shop. Don’t you just love the bright colors? What is your favorite flower? Share your answer in the comments.

Enchanted Autumn Décor

Enchanted autumn décor is another fantastic gift for your fairy friends since the seasons are going to be changing soon. One fun scene that we want to show you is one that includes magical black and purple pumpkins and autumn leaves. Three pumpkins are pictured but the price is for one. See these and other autumn pumpkins by visiting Teelie’s Fairy Garden Shop on Etsy.

Fairy Garden Fun

Fairies love having fun and you can gift them some more of this fun. This adorable lavender fairy on a swing would make a wonderful addition to your fairy garden. Invite her to join your fairy garden. Find her at Teelie’s Fairy Garden’s Etsy Shop.

Thank you, Githa and thank you visitors for joining us to learn more about Fairy Gifting Day. It is so interesting to learn about these special fairy celebrations. I’m Tommy Tinker and I hope you’ll visit my website to learn more about fun fairy adventures.

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