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Join Tommy Tinker As He Judges An Exciting Pie Contest

Tommy Tinker is excited to try numerous kinds of pie today. He’s going to be judging a pie contest because May 13th will be National Apple Pie Day. So, Tommy will definitely have to enjoy some apple pie while he judges all the delicious flavors that he’s about to discover. 1:12, Your Choice Of Hamburgers […]

Tommy Reads Wonderful Tales For Tell A Story Day

Tommy Tinker is reading books today. Join us to find out what books he’s reading, where he is reading them, and who he is sharing the stories with. April 27th is Tell a Story Day and Tommy Tinker fully embraces this important day to celebrate literacy. The Listening Fairy Tommy Tinker decided to read a […]

Tommy Tinker Adventures To An Outstanding Farm

This week Tommy Tinker is adventuring to an outstanding farm to celebrate National Farm Animal Day which happens each year on April 10th. Join us for an enchanted adventure. Mood Lab Fairy Garden Miniature Pond Kit – Figurines & Accessories Set of 5 pcs – Outdoor or House Décor The Barnyard Dog Tommy Tinker has […]

Tommy Tinker Shares Exciting And Fantastic Easter Treats

Easter is almost here and in Fairy Land, that means lots and lots of treats. Tommy Tinker is looking forward to sharing some exciting and fantastic Easter treats with you. Let’s get our wings fluttering and spring into action so we can join him on this journey. Annie’s Organic Friends Bunny Graham Snacks, Chocolate Chip, […]

Tommy Tinker Enjoys a Day of Decorating Remarkable Easter Eggs

Search for Easter Eggs With Tommy Tinker

This week Tommy Tinker is looking forward to sharing his day decorating remarkable Easter eggs with you. You can also explore this enchanted video about an Easter egg hunt at the Royal Palace in the Fairy Kingdom.   The EggMazing Easter Egg Mini Decorator Kit Arts and Crafts Set – Includes Egg Decorating Spinner and […]

Tommy Tinker Searches For Amazing Treasures In Fairy Land

Tommy Tinker is looking forward to St. Patrick’s Day and is currently headed out on a magical adventure to search for the most amazing treasures that have to do with this incredible celebration. Hodao 2 PCS Spring St Patricks Day Gnomes Decorations Beard Elf for St Patricks Day Decor Home Table Ornament Decor Dwarf Figurines […]

Create An Exciting And Whimsical Irish Fairy Garden

This week Tommy Tinker is creating an exciting and whimsical Irish Fairy Garden in Fairy Land. It will be a place that his friends can visit to enjoy the upcoming St. Patrick’s season. Tommy was recently in Ireland with his niece Susan. You can learn more about their adventure in one of Teelie Turner’s incredible […]

Loveable Valentine’s Day Signs To Inspire Your Love Connection

Lately, Tommy Tinker has been busy helping to install some special Valentine’s Day signs in Fairy Land. Some of them are part of the holiday décor to help inspire romance and love connections. Other signs are special gifts that fairies are gifting to their loved ones. See some of the signs below. While some of […]

Sweet Treats Fairies Can Gift Their Humans For Valentine’s Day

The fairies want to be able to gift their humans some sweet treats for Valentine’s Day. With Tommy Tinker’s help, they’ve come up with eight amazing options for you. Other amazing treats can be found in this Tommy Tinker video too. These are for the fairies to enjoy.   Love & Romance™ Dipped Strawberries in […]

Wonderful And Magical Valentine’s Day Gifts For Fairies

Welcome back to The Tommy Tinker Store. This week the fairies have helped us to assemble a Valentine’s gift guide with wonderful and magical gifts for fairies. Valentine’s Day Yummy Chocolate Cake, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Fairy Food, Chocolate Cake, Strawberry, White Frosting, Cute Some Delicious Treats The fairies will always be happy receiving sweets […]