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Discover Fascinating And Stunning Magical Snowmen With Tommy Tinker

Tommy Tinker cannot wait to enjoy some time with you. This week he’s going to be sharing some fascinating snowmen with you that’ll make wonderful decorations. Tommy Tinker is snowed in at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s castle in the Teelie Turner book Tommy Tinker in the Snowed In Castle. As you can see above […]

Tommy Tinker Shares Magical Pieces Of Art You’ll Love

In Celebration of International Artist’s Day which takes place this week, Tommy Tinker has chosen eight incredible pieces of art to share with you. Follow him to Fairy Land to enjoy this week’s adventure. We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy.   Tommy Tinker And The Snowed In Castle Mounted Print This […]

Delightfully Delicious Candies You’ll Love For Halloween

Join Tommy Tinker as he takes you on an amazing adventure to discover delightfully delicious candies you’ll love for Halloween. The bonus is that Tommy has chosen candies that both humans and fairies can enjoy. We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy.   REESE’S Miniatures Milk Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups, Halloween Candy […]

Tommy Tinker Shares Stunning And Interesting Halloween Costumes

Join Tommy Tinker as he shares eight stunning and interesting Halloween costumes with his friends in the Fairy Kingdom on this week’s magical adventure. We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy.   DawnHope Butterfly Wings for Women Girls Kids Halloween Costumes Butterfly Shawl Fairy Ladies Cape Nymph Pixie Dress Up Orange & […]

Creativity In Fairy Land With Beautiful, Magical Kits

Get creative with Tommy Tinker. There are many different kinds of creativity including writing. Tommy Tinker is so grateful to Teelie Turner for telling his story. But for this week, he’s found eight beautiful kits that you can enjoy in the Fairy Kingdom to make beautiful décor and have a great time too. We also […]

Delicious Treats For A Great Autumn And Halloween

Tommy Tinker is inviting you to join him on his quest for delicious treats to enjoy for a great autumn and Halloween. As you know fairies love sweets and Tommy Tinker is no exception. He wants to ensure there are plenty of options for everyone. We also have an amazing video for you to enjoy. […]

Tommy Tinker and the Awesome Fairy Land Gnomes

Welcome back! Tommy Tinker has an amazing adventure for us to experience this week. He’s teamed up with some awesome Fairy Land gnomes and together they’re preparing the enchanted kingdom for autumn. Join him and the gnomes to find out what they’re doing to get ready for this incredible season. We also have an amazing […]

The Beautiful Fairy Photoshoot Adventure

Are you camera ready? This week there’s going to be an amazing photoshoot in Fairy Land. Join Tommy Tinker in selecting backgrounds for this incredible adventure.  There is something so magical about photography and the way that it captures a moment whether it is staged or filled with natural motions. You can also enjoy a […]

Tommy Tinker And The Unusual Epic Pirate Adventure

Pirate Pete  was called upon by King Neptune to help him with another incredible and unique epic adventure. Pirate Pete was glad that he had great friends back in the Fairy Kingdom like Tommy Tinker to help him out along the way because one of his pirate brothers was an unruly pirate who wanted to […]

Tommy Tinker And The Beautiful Mermaid Adventure

Tommy Tinker just accepted a new mission. He’s going to be helping make eight mermaids’ wishes come true. Learn more as you continue to read this blog and in this beautiful video.   Adorable Sleeping Little Mermaids, Fairy Garden Mermaid, Dollhouse, Miniature Sleeping Mermaid This magical sleeping mermaid’s wish is to be able to have […]