Tommy Tinker Prepares for Halloween

Join Tommy Tinker as he prepares for Halloween. There’s a lot that needs to be done in the Fairy Kingdom before this spooktacular celebration. Tommy found some Halloween-themed fairy gardens to share with you as well as some magical accessories for your own fairy garden. Hello Gnome Halloween Garden Magical Halloween Fairy Garden Enjoy the […]

Tommy Tinker and His Friends Go to the Fair

It’s time to join Tommy Tinker and his friends at the fair. So, start thinking about some of your favorite fair activities. Maybe we’ll even get a chance to do them. Replica of Indiana State Fair Magical Indiana State Fair Fairy Garden Discover an enchanted replica with activities like going to a petting zoo and […]

How to Be Prepared for Fairy School

With back to school here or almost on your doorstep, Tommy Tinker wanted to let you know how the students in Fairy Land get prepared for Fairy School. We hope that you enjoy the magic of each school day. There is always something magical to learn. Tommy Tinker Magical Toadstool Bench™ Spiral Notebook Magical Notebooks […]

Search for Fabulous Fairy Dragons With Tommy Tinker

Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker, and often while I’m flying around Fairy Land, I have the chance to interact with some amazing dragon pets. I even have my own pet dragon who helps me out on some of my missions. I hope you’ll come for a ride with me so that we can explore Fairy Land […]

Tommy Tinker and Bubba Bake Together

Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker and this afternoon I’m going to be spending some time with my friend Bubba. We’re going to be cooking up some delicious treats. We’ve also got some adorable fairy tea and treat scenes to share with you. We hope that you’ll also enjoy this video with some delicious summer treats.   […]

Tommy Tinker Celebrates Christmas in July

I’m Tommy Tinker and I am extremely excited that we get to celebrate Christmas in July. My friends and I are looking forward to sharing our celebrations with you. My friend Bubba the Head Candy Taster is also an extremely talented baker, and he is coming up with numerous delicious treats for all our holiday […]

Magical Fairy Land Celebrations for the 4th of July

Welcome back to Fairy Land. I’m Tommy Tinker and this week we’re going to be celebrating the 4th of July in Fairy Land. We’re very fortunate here that we can enjoy so many special holidays with our friends from around the world. This week, we’re with our American friends and enjoying all things red, white, […]

Magical Fairy Land Adventures for Father’s Day

Hello, I’m Tommy Tinker and I cannot wait for us to enjoy some magic. With Father’s Day coming up, King Henry asked me if I could come up with some great ways that dads could celebrate their special day. I found several ideas and I also found fairy gardens that go with those ideas which […]

Springtime in Fairy Land with Tommy Tinker

Hello friends, it is another beautiful spring day in Fairy Land. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m ready for us to go on another journey together. I have found several magical springtime activities that we can enjoy together. Spring Fairy Garden Ideas has several magical ideas for Fairy Gardens that you can create this spring. […]

Magical Fairy Land Carriages

It’s a beautiful and sunny day here in Fairy Land. I’m Tommy Tinker and I’m glad that the weather is cooperating since it will mean that King Henry and Queen Olivia who live in the fairy palace will be able to go out for a ride in enchanted places. They love to travel around in […]