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Royal Treasures Worthy of the King and Queen


Let’s take a walk through the castle and head to the magical royal treasure trove of the fairies. King Henry and Queen Olivia surely must have accumulated quite a wealth of enchanted treasure from their years and years of living, ruling as kindly king and queen to the Fairy Kingdom. They receive many gifts from […]

Enchant the Walls with Magical Fairy Wall Décor

TommyT Jul 23 2019 wall decor featured photo

What better way to transform your room or the walls of a home into its own piece of fairyland than with some beautiful wall décor? There are so many ways by which to add some shimmering, colorful fairy magic into a home; everything from wall stickers and decals to posters and tapestries. Turning a room […]

Marlie the Wizard Gnome and other Gnomes in the Village

TommyT July 16 2019 featured photo gnomes

More than just fairies live in Tommy Tinker’s world. Gnomes are also a big population living in fairy villages all over the world! These distinguished, hard working gentlemen of the magical world frequent many gardens and lawns. They are seen as consummate gardeners are caretakers of plants and animals, much in the same way as […]

Tommy Tinker and Friends’ Fairy Doors and More


In Tommy Tinker’s village are a series of wonderful fairy doors. Each one of them leads to worlds especially made for Tommy and each of his magical friends. These fairy doors are not easy to spot—if you’re a true friend of the fairies, you might glimpse them glimmering through the wood, or flickering to life […]

It’s a Summer of Fairy Sweets with Bubba!

TommyT Jun 18 2019 fairy sweets featured photo

Bubba the Jolly Head Candy Fairy has more than just the task of tasting the fairies candies in the kingdom. His excellent sense of taste and expertise in sweet things has made him the gourmet master of sweets and delights throughout the Fairy Kingdom! More than just candies—desserts, sweets and treats that Bubba tastes and […]

Bubba-Approved Summer Ice Cream Dreams for Fairies

TommyT Apr 30 2019 featured photo ice cream

Now that summer is coming up soon, the weather is starting to get warmer. The fairies aren’t reaching for their hot chocolates much anymore, and instead they’re looking to enjoy some deliciously cold drinks and treats! Bubba is starting to get more and more requests from sweet-toothed fairies who are looking for some delicious, cold, […]

Meet Lucy the Lavender Dragon and other Dragons Around the Fairy Kingdom

tt Apr 16 2019 featured

Dragons are some of the most magical creatures in the entire Fairy Kingdom and beyond. They have been a part of myth, legend, and fairytales. Dragons can be found all over the world. Virtually every culture has a specie of dragon. As they’re magical creatures that are so replete in magical properties, from their skin […]

Find the Prettiest Easter Eggs with Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

tommytinker March 26 featured photo

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy has a very important job to do this Easter: She’s tasked to make sure that all the Easter eggs are as pretty as can be! Ruby’s expertise is making sure that the Fairy Kingdom’s candies and sweets are given the most beautiful wrappings ever. So during Easter, it’s also up to […]

Visit Candy Houses with Bubba the Head Candy Taster

TommyTinker March 5 2019 featured photo

Bubba The Head Candy taster certainly knows his stuff, and that includes knowing what some of the best candy houses look like! Since fairies love sweets and bright colors so much, it’s not a surprise that they’d build structures entirely out of candy. With their fairy magic, it’s easy to build a home constructed out […]

Gifts Worthy of Royalty for King Henry and Queen Olivia

TommyTinker Feb 26 2019 featured photo

King Henry and Queen Olivia are known throughout all the fairy kingdoms as just, generous, and kind rulers. Loved by all their subjects and even of fairies beyond the kingdom, they are what everyone hopes that loving rulers could possibly be. Wise and powerful, they’re arguably two of the most magical fairies in the entire […]