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Bubba Helps Bake for a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

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Bubba Helps Bake for a St. Patrick's Day Celebration

Hello Friends, thank you for coming back to the Tommy Tinker Store. I’m Tommy Tinker and today I’m going to help my friend Bubba bake treats for St. Patrick’s Day. Be prepared to enjoy delicious sweets covered in icing and sprinkles.

1. Incredible Fairy Cookies
2 Amazing ST. Patrick's Green With Gold Hearts Cookies, Miniature Heart Cookies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Wee People, Cute
2. Delightful Drinks and Treats
Green St. Patrick's Day Milkshakes With Pink Straws, Pink Rose Cupcakes, St. Patrick's Day, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Food
3. Magical Orange Rainbow Cookies
2 Orange Rainbow Cookies, Miniature Rainbow Cookies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Magical Irish, Fairy Garden, Wee People. Shamrock Cookies
4. Lucky Shamrock Cake
St Patrick's Day Shamrock Cake

Incredible Fairy Cookies

The first treat that we decided to bake were some magical fairy cookies. They were a beautiful dark green with gold-colored hearts and specks of fairy dust on top. We have some available for you on Etsy.

Delightful Drinks and Treats

We also made some green milkshakes. They are so delicious and creamy. The Fairy Ice Cream Shoppe makes the best ice cream. To go with them, we made some delicious vanilla cupcakes with magnificent Irish roses on top. Learn more about them on Etsy.

Enjoy a video about these treats

Magical Orange Rainbow Cookies

Since we wanted to have a good selection of cookies on the treat plates which we’ll deliver to friends in Fairy Land, Bubba and I baked some orange flavored cookies and added some sparkles on top of the shamrock and rainbow decorations. Discover these delightful treats on Etsy.

Lucky Shamrock Cake

We also decided to bake a delicious cake with creamy green and white frosting and a lucky shamrock on top. Learn more about this magical cake on Etsy.

1. Assortment of St. Patrick’s Day Desserts
St. Patrick's Day Sweets on Plate- LARGE ~ Fairy Gardening ~ Dollhouse Miniature Food ~ Leprechaun Trap Craft Supply
2. Fantastic Fairy Treats
St. Patrick’s Day Green Starbuck's Drink With Cookies, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden, Green Cookies, Yellow Cookie, Green Candy
3. Fun Green Fairy Cake
Lime Cake With Yummy Fruit On Top, Fairy Garden Cake, Dollhouse, Green Fruit Cake, Miniature, Mini, Fairy Garden Goodies, Mini Bakery
4. Pot of Gold Cookies
2 Amazing St. Patrick's Day Gold Nugget Cookies, Miniature Gold Nugget Cookies, Gold Cookies, Dollhouse, Magical, Fairy Garden, Cute

Assortment of St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

We found some delicious treats which are said to be perfect for trapping a Leprechaun. Being in Fairy Land, the leprechauns are happy to come out and have a visit with us, but we know they’ll enjoy the platter of chocolates, cupcakes, and cookies just the same. Find them on Etsy.

Fantastic Fairy Treats

Part way through our baking, Bubba suggested that we take a break to enjoy the sunshine and eat some of our delicious treats. We had a green Starbuck’s drink and some delicious sandwich cookies. They’re available on Etsy.

Fun Green Fairy Cake

When we resumed baking, we made a fun green fairy cake. It had lime flavoring and was topped with an assortment of delicious fruit including kiwis. Your fairy garden friends will also enjoy it. Find it on Etsy.

Pot of Gold Cookies

We also baked some St. Patrick’s Day gold nugget cookies. They’re delicious and magical and were incredible to make as fairy dust made the gold nuggets appear out of thin air. They can be found on Etsy.

Thank you for joining Bubba and I as we enjoyed some St. Patrick’s Day Baking. We hope that you’ll continue to visit the Tommy Tinker Store to enjoy some more fairy magic with us.

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