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Be Wowed with Amazing Fairy Land Decorations for Thanksgiving

Prepare to be wowed. Tommy Tinker is getting everything decorated for Thanksgiving in Fairy Land. Join him as he flies around the Magical Kingdom.

Thanksgiving and Fall Miniature Figurine Scenes

Cute Miniatures

Perfect for your Thanksgiving centerpieces, Tommy Tinker cannot wait to distribute these adorable Thanksgiving decorations that include teddy bears, turkeys, and pilgrims. More information is available here.

Dollhouse Miniature Fall Decor I Miniature Doll Autumn I Miniature Halloween Decor I 1:12 Scale Doll Fall | Miniature Fall And Autumn

Assortment of Thanksgiving Cheer

Out Island Essentials has numerous selections for autumn and Thanksgiving décor including this enchanted scene with orange chairs, throw pillows with turkeys on them, and an orange tree. Tommy Tinker cannot wait to set up this scene in several favorite spots in Fairy Land like the library and hotel. Learn more here.

Miniature/Small Fall/Thanksgiving Flower Decorative Arrangements Metal/Galvanized Tubs, Watering Cans, Wheelbarrows, Wagons, Pails, Clay Pots

Gorgeous Flowers

Tommy just had a delightful visit to the fairy florist’s shop where he selected several decorative arrangements to use both inside and outside in his Fairy Land decorating. The wheelbarrows and watering cans make lovely holders for the flowers. Find them here.

Thanksgiving and Fall Grapevine Wreaths Small and Miniature

Miniature Grapevine Wreaths

Add some magic to your fairy doors or cottage with these miniature grapevine wreaths. They are tiny and cute and will add a pop of color and a Thanksgiving reminder to your décor. They’re available here.

Thanksgiving Pilgrim Gnomes with Beards Felt Miniature Banner Garland Bunting Wall Hanging Decoration

Thanksgiving Gnomes

Look at these adorable gnome ornaments. The gnomes are dressed up in their finery and Tommy Tinker cannot wait to make them the center of attention on a special Thanksgiving tree that he is working on this holiday season. Meet the gnomes here.

Thanksgiving Brown Turkey Dollhouse Plate 1:12 Scale

Beautiful Thanksgiving Table Setting

When you have a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting like the one pictured above, you don’t need as many other decorations as sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating. The brown turkey dollhouse plates have a stunning design on them. They can even be displayed before enjoying a special Thanksgiving meal. Find the set of plates here.

Miniature pixie sleeping on pumpkin, Fairy Baby Figurine, Seasonal Dollhouse Decoration, Fall Fairy Garden, Harvest Office Décor

A Thankful Nap

This special offering for Thanksgiving décor is for the baby fairy sleeping on a pumpkin. We love the way it is included in the fairy scene above. We cannot wait to see how Tommy Tinker incorporates the sleeping fairy into the scene that he’ll be putting at King Henry and Queen Olivia’s castle. Learn more here.

Harvest Fairy Miniature Figurine for Autumn Garden and Fall Home Decoration

The Thankful Harvest Fairies

This magical offering is for the harvest fairy wearing an orange dress and holding a sheath of wheat in her hands. We love how she comes together with the other fairies and think that Tommy Tinker will set up a similar scene in the Fairy Kingdom. More information is available here.

Thank you for helping me, Tommy Tinker as I sorted through my boxes of decorations for Thanksgiving. I’m thankful that the pixies didn’t help me out with these as they did at Halloween. Please come back again soon for more magical fun.

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