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Amazing Dragons Who Want To Celebrate Easter With You

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Tommy Tinker is ready to celebrate Easter and he wants to share his adventures with you. Join him as he and his amazing dragon pals get ready to celebrate this cute and delicious season.


GlitZGlam Cody The Green Miniature Dragon of Azar for Your Fairy Garden/Miniature Garden

Meet Cody the green miniature dragon. He’s one of Tommy Tinker’s dragon friends and currently Cody’s busy playing with the garden butterflies while Tommy Tinker hides Easter eggs for the upcoming festivities. There is so much to be found in a garden that Cody finds it easy to get distracted by his surroundings. Learn more here.

Garden Miniature Fairy Dragon Figurine- My Solo Concert

While this dragon loves to sing and give solo concerts, she has a different job when it comes to the Fairy Kingdom’s Easter celebrations. Tommy Tinker’s going to need her to help out by announcing the festivities with her microphone. Learn more here.

Top Collection Enchanted Story Fairy Garden Dragon Writing Outdoor Statue, Green, White

Since Tommy Tinker has so much to do to help get things ready for Easter in the Fairy Kingdom, he is truly appreciative of all the help that his dragon pals can give him. This miniature green dragon loves to write and so it is making sure to check things off Tommy’s list or add them as needed. Learn more here.

Dragon Statue Farmhouse Kitchen Decor – Cute Resin Indoor Dragon Figurines with Love Word Statues for Home Decor 3.25 X 1 X 2.25 Inch

These dragons love to sit on a rock  in the garden that says Love. Tommy Tinker is glad there are a lot of rocks and plants in the garden on the edge of the park where he’s hiding Easter eggs because it gives him more spots where he can put them. He doesn’t want to make the Easter egg hunt too easy for the fairy children. There are also rocks that say Blessed on them. Learn more here.

George S. Chen Imports SS-G-71469 Blue Baby Dragon in Eggshell with Gem Figurine, 4.5″

Since it is Easter, this baby blue dragon is going to sit in an eggshell that has gemstones on it in the garden as part of the magical décor while the fairy children do their Easter egg hunt and there are lots of other special activities for Easter too. Bubba will also be there with sweet treats, and he promised he’d bring one over to this little dragon. Learn more here.

Dragon Statue Mini Dragon Figurine, Resin Home Decor, Cute Ornaments, Lucky Animal Garden Statue for Micro Landscape (Love of a Dragon)

While Tommy hides the Easter eggs, this dragon is helping to spruce up the flowers in the garden so that they’ll be looking their best for the festivities. She can’t resist picking a bouquet to take home to her fairy. Learn more here.

Dragon Statue Mini Dragon Figurine, Resin Home Decor, Cute Ornaments, Lucky Animal Garden Statue for Micro Landscape (Dragon on Skateboard)

This dragon can zoom around quickly on its skateboard. It’s being helpful getting any supplies that Tommy Tinker might need like more Easter eggs from the boxes that Tommy brought along with him that he left in a pile at the park benches. Learn more here.

Top Collection Solar The Red Dragon – Mini Collectible Fantasy Figurine (Pondering Life with Butterfly)

This adorable dragon’s name is Solar and he is kind and gentle. He loves to spend time with his butterfly friend in the Fairy Kingdom. Today, Solar and his butterfly are flying around the park suggesting places where Tommy Tinker might want to hide some Easter eggs. Learn more here.

Come back and see us in two weeks. We’re going to be getting ready for spring. Tommy Tinker has an appointment soon to create a new Fairy Garden for Queen Olivia.


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