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A Search for the Perfect Fairy Castle Fit for King Henry and Queen Olivia

tommy tinker fairy castle

A benevolent and magical royal couple like King Henry and Queen Olivia, with all their vast magic and eons of fairy wealth, must surely live in a spectacular fairy castle. The royal castle is undoubtedly a breathtaking site, or a majestic place to call home for the King and Queen. The castle is their beloved home, possibly passed from generations of royal fairies since time immemorial, where they hold their court. Fairies from all over the kingdom and beyond come to visit them for their help and advice, and to enjoy the wonderful balls, festivals and celebrations held there.

If you were a magical fairy builder, what kind of fairy castle would you create for the generous King and Queen? If you were to gift a castle to such benevolent and loving magical rulers, what kind of castle do you imagine would befit them? There are many magical fairy castles in the world; let’s see what kind of castles could possibly be the home of the Fairy Kingdom’s most majestic rulers.

TommyT Apr 23 2019 1-5 fairy castle1. The Magical Forest Fairy Castle

This breathtaking example among fairy castles is grand, sprawling, and spiraling to the sky. Green as the forest leaves, golden as the lances of the afternoon sun, with ethereal swirls, rays, and patterns all over its doorways and towers, it it looks like an enchanted bromeliad plant. You can just imagine seeing a royal couple full of magical power living within its walls! See it in Etsy.

2. Turrets of the Woods

This castle, found deep in the woods, have taken on the color of ancient trees. Plants, vines, and moss have even grown upon its walls and gables. It’s a humbler castle compared to other ones, perhaps, but it is no less elegant with its three towers. It even has a grand tower at the top, where the King and Queen might stand to look out upon their people. See it at Etsy.

3. The Summer’s Fairy Castle

This multi-level fairy castle is a breathtaking sight. It immediately blends into the trees as it’s crafted in wood, forest moss and vines. It’s almost rustic in appearance, with many floors and rooms. The castle has little flower lamps all over it, casting a warm glow as though a ball of sunshine was within. While this may not be where the King and Queen might want to live all the time, it’s certainly a lovely summer castle for them! See it at Etsy.

4. The Fairy Castle Upon a Mountain

This incredible fairy castle sits atop a high peak. A swirling staircase wraps all around the mountain, and everyone must climb or fly over it in order to reach the palace. The first thing that will meet them is a grand entrance tower topped with an all-powerful magical fairy crystal. It’s a majestic and truly enchanting home for the royal couple to live in. See it at Etsy.

5. Fairytale Fairy Castle

This castle is straight out of the storybooks. Shining in white stone, with a dozen turrets and spires, royal blue roofs, and even a great golden tower as the royal chambers, it seems as though it comes straight out of fairytale dreams. It has all the room for the royal court, the treasury, and, of course, all the guests for the fairy balls! See it in Amazon.

TommyT Apr 23 2019 6-10 fairy castles6. The Crystal Castle

This is another breathtaking fairytale castle worthy of the king and queen. Not only is it made of white marble with sapphire roofs, but it’s also gilded with gold accents over the windows and archways. It is also encrusted in crystals, and glows magically from within at night. Its shine draws fairies to it, showing them the way home. See it in Amazon.

7. The Walled Castle

This splendid fairy castle is ensconced in its own high walls. It looks as though it would fit atop the alpine mountains or on the peak of an island. Fairy lights glow in its windows, and waterfalls pour from the lanterns. It’s full of towers, turrets, and battlements. Rising out of the mists, it’s a magical castle that will certainly take anyone’s breath away. See the castle at Amazon.

8. The Castle on Unicorn Cliffs

This remote castle may be one of the grandest to be offered to a royal fairy couple. This incredible palace is seated atop a number of sheer cliffs where the most magical unicorns gallop and graze, with winding waterfalls flowing throughout the cliff faces. The castle itself is of grey marble and stone, with rising battlements and towers at its highest peaks. It’s truly an incredibly magical sight fit for King Henry and Queen Olivia! See it at Amazon.

9. The Majestic Castle

A breathtaking fairy castle like this one is among the most intricate that could be found. Each of its towers has multi-faceted walls, and it has over a dozen towers with their own battlements. Spires rise high into the sky, with a grand tower near the middle. This grand tower even has its own anteroom. Such an ornate castle is full of rooms filled with magical treasures, and so stunning that only the great King and Queen could ever live in them. See it at Etsy.

10. The Fairy Castle of Dreams

Among the many glorious castles, this may in fact be the most intricate and the grandest. This massive, majestic palace is seated on a cliff, looking as though it had been carved out of the mountain rock itself. With the cliffs beneath it eroded, it must have stood here for thousands of years. It is full of round towers, with a grand courtyard overlooking to kingdom below. Just imagine a castle like this one, filled with fairies and magic! See it at Etsy.

The King and Queen of the Fairy Kingdom surely must live in the grandest of castles to be seen anywhere. They are the stuff of legends and myth, and so is their home. If a palace was built by fairy magic, then it certainly will look as though it were something out of a dream!

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