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A Magical Royal Carriage for the King And Queen of the Fairy Kingdom

TommyTinker Apr 1 2019 featured photo

The King and Queen of the Fairy Kingdom, King Henry and Queen Olivia, are the most benevolent and generous rulers of the kingdom where Tommy Tinker’s village can be found. They are two of the most magical fairies in the world. As good rulers often do, they must leave their beautiful castle in order to see the population of fairies in their kingdom. They will go around to make sure everyone is happy and provided for, to help find solutions to problems, and to ensure the safety of the kingdom. During these occasions, the King and Queen don’t always have to use their wings to get around. After all, their kingdom is so vast that flying on their own could get tiring!

TommyTinker Apr 1 2019 sceneThis is why they have this glorious magical royal carriage, gleaming and golden. For the fairies that see them flying past on this enchanting carriage, it just takes their breath away. Today, the King and Queen are returning from their excursions around the kingdom, headed back home. They are headed back to their castle in order to summon the clever young fairy, Tommy Tinker, to ask for his help in finding the whereabouts of the Lost Candy Factory!

TommyTinker Apr 1 2019 1-31. Queen Olivia of the Fairy Kingdom

Queen Olivia, beautiful, kind, and full of magic, is one of the wisest fairies in the entire kingdom. She, like the king, is bound by duty and love to care for the safety of all the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom. So when the news about the Lost Candy Factory had reached them, she knows that she must summon Tommy Tinker’s help. See her by the magical royal carriage in Etsy.

2. King Henry of the Fairy Kingdom

King Henry, generous, benevolent, and incredibly magical, has also come from a long line of powerful fairies who have ruled over the kingdom for generations. He too is honor bound to ensure that no harm will ever come to the fairies in their domain. Like the queen, when he heard about the news of the Lost Candy Factory, he felt that Tommy Tinker can help them. See him near the magical royal carriage at Etsy.

3. The Grand Royal Gate

Not just anyone can enter the royal domains reserved especially for the King and Queen. A grand gate stands in their way. Beyond this gate stands the incredible royal palace, which has been the home of generations upon generations of royal fairies. They are the most magical fairies in the kingdom. The gate is guarded by two enchanted frogs with gold crowns, and they are always standing watch. See beautiful gate (and the frogs!) at Etsy.

TommyTinker Apr 1 2019 4-64. The Noble Steed

There are numerous varieties of fairy horses that can be found through the Fairy Kingdom. They vary in appearance and stance. Some of them are unicorns, some of them are winged horses. One of them is Reesie, the Glittery Rainbow Unicorn. The fairy horse that draws the magical royal carriage is an imposing sight with full armor. It is gifted with special magic that helps protect the King and Queen as they ride. See the horse at Etsy.

5. The Golden Magical Royal Carriage

This spectacular carriage, with all its ornate design and lavish flowering ornament, is the perfect mode of transport for the King and Queen. The best master smiths of the kingdom had forged this beautiful carriage, shining gold, beaten to form leaves that create a glorious crown. With the glittering flowers on top, there can be no mistaking the approach of true fairy royalty when this carriage is seen. See it in all its glory at Etsy.

6. Magical Pumpkins

In a very famous fairy tale, a pumpkin is turned into a magical royal carriage fit for a princess. Perhaps this was the inspiration for the shape of the royal carriage as well! And why not: a hollow pumpkin, especially a magical one, would do very well as a means of transport for tiny fairies. A small bundle of these colorful magic pumpkins are lying in wait, perhaps to be turned to more carriages, in this set at Etsy.

The King and Queen have arrived home to their spectacular royal palace on this splendid carriage. They have come to seek the help of one of the kingdom’s cleverest fairies to help them about the Lost Candy Factory. It looks like the beginning of an enchanting adventure!

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