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A Magical New Chapter: Welcome to the New Tommy Tinker Website!

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Hello, Fairy Friend!

You may have noticed something new and interesting: the Tommy Tinker website has undergone an absolutely magical metamorphosis! Everything has transformed to come alive before your very eyes, welcoming you into the magical, mystical world of Tommy Tinker and all the fairies in the Fairy Kingdom. There are so many spellbinding sights to see and to discover, and there’s so many new places for you to visit and enjoy!

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1. Discover the Fairy Kingdom!

The enchanting new website takes you on a journey around Tommy Tinker’s world, letting you see the many facets of the Fairy Kingdom, Tommy’s adventures in it, and all his friends who make every moment of fantastic adventure possible. Go ahead and begin your journey here!

2. Fairy Treasures to Wear

You’ll find some of the best Tommy Tinker accessories on the new website, from gorgeous pendants and bracelets fit for royalty, to protective phone cases and bags to take with you on the most courageous adventures out in the big world. Look through so many different accessories featuring your fairy friends here.

3. Astonishing Apparel

Dress as the fairies do through a variety of brightly colored, light, and comfortable selection of Tommy Tinker apparel in the website. You’ll see Tommy and his fairy friends Ruby, Bubba, and more emblazoned on every item of clothing, making sure that their magic stays with you wherever you go. See the apparel here.

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4. Discover the Author

Learn more and uncover the magic of Teelie Turner, the storyteller behind the many adventures of Tommy Tinker and his friends. Lose yourself in the magic and enchantment that she’s woven with every single new adventure and item within Tommy Tinker’s magical world in this website! Read about her here.

5. Visit the Village

Tommy Tinker’s Village is one of the most magical areas in the new website! There are so many doors and characters to visit, so you’ll be able to meet the colorful, enchanted fairy friends who will guide you throughout many of Tommy’s adventures. Step through each door and meet a new fairy friend! See it here.

6. The Shining Shop

The Tommy Tinker shop is just bursting with colorful new items for you, featuring the many fairies found in Tommy Tinker’s world. It’s got every single item that a fairy friend would want: from home décor to the most spellbinding books of Tommy’s adventures, from colorful craft items to the most delightful fairy garden features. Go find something magical for you here!

TOMMYT feb 20 2019 7-107. Tommy Tinker’s Magical Fairy Garden

Tommy Tinker’s world may be small, but it’s the biggest part of this website. This is your chance to meet this amazingly clever, much-beloved blond fairy who loves to fix things! See him solve mysteries around the Fairy Kingdom and enjoy some of his favorite items in one place. See his garden here.

8. Bubba The Jolly Head Candy Taster

Fairies do love their sweets, and in Bubba the Head Candy Taster’s side of the website, you’ll the sweetest, most sugary, and delicate fairy sweets everywhere! See his rainbow-cane-covered doorway and the multitude of sweets he has around his workshop, perfect for any fairy friend with a sweet tooth. Step into his world here.

9. Ruby the Ribbon Fairy’s Garden

Meet the beautiful, clever fairy who wraps all of the kingdom’s beautiful candy boxes in the most famous candy factory in the Kingdom! Ruby’s world in this website is full of so much enchanting color, shining gems, and the best ribbons. Her eye for color and style can be seen throughout her garden. See it here.

10. King Henry and Queen Olivia

No storybook fairy kingdom is complete without a royal King and Queen, magnanimous and generous. The most powerful fairies in the kingdom, the King and Queen, watches over everyone and throw the most wonderful fairy balls so everyone can enjoy themselves. See their shining treasures here.


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Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

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Follow along in the adventures of Tommy Tinker in the Fairy Kingdom, where each day is one to explore and discover new things. Together with his friends, Ruby and Bubba, in service of their King Henry and Queen Olivia, this band of magical fairies are determined to keep the peace and prosperity of their kingdom, with the help of their magical powers.


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