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A Magical Easter Egg Hunt at the Palace

Eater Egg Hunt at the Palace

Hello everyone, Tommy Tinker here again to bring you another magical update from Fairy Land. We’re getting ready for a magical Easter egg hunt at the Palace in Fairy Land. We know that Easter egg hunts might not be able to go on as usual for our human friends, but the fairies have been witnessing many beautiful acts of kindness on Earth and people coming up with alternate plans and this warms our hearts. The fairies want to remind you to stay home and stay safe. When everyone works together for the greater good of their communities and countries, it can have a huge impact on the world.

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Magical Easter Egg Hunt
1. Bright Colored Eggs
Sweet Yellow Pastel Easter Bunny, Miniature, Fairy Garden, Pink Easter Basket, Dollhouse, Easter Eggs, Egg Cup, Pink Flower, Placemats
2. Hiding Places
The Easter Egg Bunnies-Fairy, Fairy Garden, Miniature, Dollhouse, Easter Decor', Spring Garden
3. Magical Treats for Everyone
Easter Fairy Sweets, Fairy Garden, Miniatures, Dollhouse, Easter Basket, Easter Candy, Bunny Cookie, Free White Bunny, Easter Eggs, Ceramic
4. Prizes for the Winners
The Sweet Pink Fairy Palace-Fairy Garden, Fairy, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Kit

Bright Colored Eggs

What are some things that will be required for an Easter egg hunt around the Palace? Some brightly colored eggs will be essential because no one can hunt for Easter eggs if there are no eggs. Eliza the Easter Fairy has assured us that there will be plenty of eggs available for this magical activity. We found some adorable Easter eggs with their bunny friend of Etsy.

Hiding Places

Hiding places are another major requirement for an Easter egg hunt. Fairy Land offers many of these on the lawns and in the gardens and fields around King Henry and Queen Olivia’s palace. The fairies are always very careful to ensure that Queen Olivia’s magnificent flowers are not disturbed during the Easter egg hunt. You’ll find a magical scene with bunnies and Easter eggs on Etsy.

Magical Treats for Everyone

Getting to enjoy magical treats while participating in the Easter egg hunt at the Palace is always great fun too. What are the fairy bakers like my friend Bubba coming up with this year? There is sure to be lots of candy, chocolate, Easter eggs and cookies for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find a tasty scene on Etsy.

Prizes for the Winners

There will be several different prizes given out after the Easter egg hunt including prizes for the most eggs found, for the most unique egg found and for participating. All the prizes will be something magical including some fairy garden décor like a sweet pink palace scene which is available on Etsy.

Easter Egg Palace at the Palace
1. A Visit from the Bunnies
Collections Etc Bunny Family Garden Sculpture - Features Mama, Papa & Baby
2. Our Gracious Hosts
The King And Queen Of The Fairy Kingdom-Fairy Garden, Fairy, Miniature, Dollhouse, Fairy Garden Kit
3. Easter Eggs or Birds Eggs?
1 Pc Artificial Decorative Bird's Nest with Eggs Spring Festival Garden Ornaments
4. Fairy Participants
Set of 4 Flower Fairies Garden or Home Ornament Enchanted Fairy Figures

A Visit from the Bunnies

The bunnies will make an appearance at the Easter egg hunt. They’ll greet participants, answer questions about their role in Fairy Land at Easter and join in the fun. There may even be a few games where participants in the Easter egg hunt will need to determine on sight if a bunny is real or a statue. One adorable statue can be found on Amazon and is of a Mama, Papa and Baby Bunny.

Our Gracious Hosts

Our gracious hosts King Henry and Queen Olivia are essential when it comes to the annual Easter egg hunt. They offer their Palace grounds for the event and their kitchen provides all the food. They also help with the presentation of prizes to the winners and they are such amazing fairies that everyone loves visiting with them. A fairy garden scene featuring King Henry and Queen Olivia is available on Etsy.

Easter Eggs or Birds Eggs?

The fairies take special care during their Easter egg hunts to ensure that they are only collecting Easter eggs and not eggs from birds’ nests. Some of the birds in Fairy Land lay eggs which are as stunning as the ones which Eliza the Easter Fairy paints. You’ll find a cute decorative birds’ nest on Amazon.

Fairy Participants

Having fairies to participate in the Easter egg hunt is also a necessity. It is an event which the fairies especially enjoy and so we know that there will always be good attendance. You can find a few of these enchanting fairies on Amazon.

On behalf of myself, Tommy Tinker, and all the fairies in Fairy Land, we’d like to wish you well and invite you to continue spending time with us. There is plenty of reading and other interesting things for you to see. Consider checking out some of our older blog  entries including this one which is a tour of my village.

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Ruby the Ribbon Fairy

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